Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year for new beginnings

You mates alright? I am fitting in here in South Shields. The accent here is harder to understand then in my past areas. It sounds more Scottish then anything. I love this area though. The ward here is amazing and so friendly. Christmas was simple this year. I loved focusing more on the saviour and his birth.

Christmas Eve Sister Weakley and I went to a members home. The Cawthornes fed us and we watched Polar Express. Christmas Day we got to sleep in till 8. It was amazing! Even though my natural instinct was to wake up at 6:30. We had a great breakfast and had fun as sisters.
We had Christmas lunch at the Powers (an older couple in the ward).
They feel like my grandparents. I love them. We watched a movie with them and that completed our Christmas. It was so lovely!

Here in England after Christmas is a holiday called Boxing Day. Our Boxing Day was eventful... Sister Weakley and I traveled to Newcastle to shop. Boxing Day is like Black Friday back home. Not as big,
but a lot of the shops have sales. We got tired and went back to our flat to rest. We were watching a film then heard a massive noise. We rewrote a song to explain what happened next. (To the tune "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man")

We were sitting on the coach and heard a CRASH, We were sitting on the coach and heard a crash, We were sitting on the coach and heard a crash, And we were all freaking out.

The ceiling came down and the sisters cleaned up, The ceiling came down and the sisters cleaned up, The ceiling came down and the sisters cleaned up, And it took our boxing day away.

Yes you read that right. Our bathroom ceiling fell down. It has been raining a lot here in England. There seems to be a leak in the roof and the ceiling couldn't take it anymore. Sister Weakley and I cleaned it up and called the mission office. Because it was a holiday we couldn't get someone to fix it right away. So Sister Weakley and I took down some of the ceiling ourself. Part of the ceiling was still falling down. So we got a knife and cut it down. We pulled all the instillation out and cleaned it all up. Mission's teach you life skills. Love it!! Cannot believe this week will start a new year. Make the most of it!! Talk to you guys later. Love you all!

Until next week, Sister Garrett

Friday, December 18, 2015

Snowing in South Shields.

Hello family and friends,

Well two days ago I received a welcome from South Shields... it was snowing. Which was ok for the first thirty minutes until the cold moisture settled into your bones. Snow here is not the same as Utah snow. Here it is wet and slushy. The next day it turned to ice. I was almost fell walking to church. It was great though! :) Other then the weather South Shields is pretty great! We have gotten to know a lot of the ward already. Thursday night we had a Relief Society activity, where we got to meet a lot of the sisters. I still have trouble remembering their names but that is normal. Days here in South Shields are made up of finding, visiting less-actives, and trying by members. We are starting completely from scratch.

As for my companion, (this is to please my parents)πŸ˜‰ her name is Sister Weakley. She is from Pleasant Grove, Utah. She has been out for 13 months now. This is her fourth area like me. She is 20 years old. I interviewed her knowing people would like to know her, so here are her responses...

Birthday: 16 August
Favorite color: sunset orange
Favorite animal: wolf
If she was an animal a horse would best describe her.
Favorite food: shepherds pie
favorite snack: blueberry muffins
Favorite drink: strawberry lemonade (Not milk? There must be a problem.)
Hobbies: scarpbooking and water aerobics
If you had a day out what would you do? Go to Disneyland with my sister
Dream holiday
: Hawaii
Before her mission she was a nanny and she went to Dixie University in St. George.
After her mission she plans to be a teacher.

Hopefully that pleases people. πŸ˜Š Well hope everyone has a fantastic week! This week for us is the mission Christmas party. I am so stoked! Anyway, until next week.

With much love,
Sister Garrett σΎ“ͺ

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silent Night. Holy Night

Hello family and friends!!!

So sorry that I haven't emailed in so long. These past few p-days have
been hectic. We have been traveling to have zone P-Day in a city
called York. It is an amazing city but it takes an hour and a half by
train so we have been cutting emailing time down. But I will quickly
catch you guys up:

The past few weeks have been the same as my whole mission. Finding. We
have been putting the hours of finding in but it hasn't seemed like we
have had any results. The only person we have found who is solid is
Chelsey who I talked about last week. She has been very busy because
of Christmas so we haven't been able to teach her. The work goes on.
We will find those who are prepared.

The less activities we have been working with are Rose and Anita. Rose
is still smoking but she is trying to quit down. She has been reading
her scriptures from a scripture jar we made her. She absolutely loves
it! I am not sure if I have mentioned Anita before but Anita is so
sweet! I love her so much. I have been able to connected with her. She
is a very sad woman. There are a lot of things from the past that
trouble her. When we first met her she was very closed off. Members
have told us that she doesn't answer the door normally but she did for
us. She has opened up so much to us and the Gospel.

Wednesday our flat was sick. Sister Hart, Sister Jesse, and I were
throwing up. Poor Sister Froerer just had to stay in the flat and look
after us. It was great. The next day I felt a little weak but we went
out and worked. On Thursday night the Pontefract ward went to a
nursing home and sang carols.

Since the First Presidency has wanted the church to improve our
sacrament services, the ward has been coming up with ideas to invite
the spirit. One Sunday, fifteen minutes before the service was going
to start, the Relief Society President came and asked us to sing
before sacrament meeting started. Since then the ward has been coming
on time to hear us sing. Every week they come up to us and ask us if
we are singing. Especially the old members of the ward love it! This
Sunday we sang Silent Night a capella. I felt like tearing up. The
spirit was so strong!!

Well transfer calls were yesterday. And the news is.... Sister Jessee
is staying. Sister Froerer is staying. Sister Hart is leaving. She is
staying in the stake but moving to York. And I am leaving as well. I
am headed more up North. (So in other words it is going to colder.
Yay! 😬) I will opening up a completely new area. Seems like they
really like me area booking. I will be serving with a sister named
Sister Weakley. I am excited!!! Talk to you guys next week.

Much love, Sister Garrett

Monday, November 23, 2015

It is almost December... where has time gone?

Sorry everyone for not writing the past few weeks. I have not had very long to email these past weeks and it looks like it has happened again. I will quickly update you about my week and send some photos to make up. Finding is all that Sister Hart and I have really done this week. All the investigators we have are all busy. It is hard to see them. We have appointments that I hope will go well. From last week's finding we found potentials but one solid one that we have an appointment with. I really think Sister Hart and I can help her. She is a single parent with a 3 month old. She has been praying to God for help. Strange that we knocked on her door.... I know God puts missionaries in the path of those who need the Gospel. Sister Hart and I need to just continue to work hard and have the faith to find others who are prepared.

Hope you all have a good week! Love you all!!

Sister Garrett

Making Christmas wreaths with Relief Society

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Remember Remember the 11th of November

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. The day England remembers those who have fallen during the World Wars. It was a special day because we had Zone Conference yesterday. President Pilkington gave everyone permission to write their parents and tell them what we learned at Zone Conference. So here I am writing the both of you. Please share this with Maranda and Rose. You are also more then welcomed to put it on my blog. So here are my thoughts:

Zone Conference yesterday, was inspiring in so many ways. I truly received direct revelation specifically for my needs. I was brought to remembrance of what a mission is truly about; helping others. As missionaries we dedicate our time, talents, health, knowledge, and skills to helping God build His kingdom. The more Christlike love a missionary has for God's children the more they are willing to give. Christlike love is about giving and not accepting anything in return. The help we can provide is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the job of a missionary to talk to everyone. President Pilkington shared a little saying with us. It says, "Let me help you. So that you can help me. So that we can help them. So that they can help us."

We are all God's children. Each of us are brothers and sisters. We are to look out for each other. One thing I have noticed throughout my mission is that the more we strengthen others the more we are lifted. I really have a strong testimony of that. I look at those that I have helped come back to Jesus Christ. Yes I have helped them come to the truth of the Gospel but they have helped me strengthen my testimony in Jesus Christ. If I am not willing to help then who will? Each of us is put exactly where we are meant to be. I am meant to be serving here in England specifically to Pontefract. I can help lift and inspire people here, as well as them for me.

I have been reflecting on my work lately. President Pilkington shared a video of an Olympic 400 meter sprinter who was favored to take first place. With 150 meters to go he tore hamstring. Even though he hurt himself he was determined to finish the race. The video of the runner touched my heart. I love making analogizes to running because running fits so well to life. In order to run fast you have to work hard. Your time as a runner is closely related to how hard to work. Of course this Olympic athlete trained like he has never before. At the time he was to prove himself he tore his hamstring. Many people would have thought he lost but this Olympic sprinter proved to me that his hard work has paid off. He may have not gotten first place but he finished the race. He left everything on the track. That video helped me remember to just work hard. To give the Lord everything I can and sacrifice it all. At the end of my mission I want to say that I left everything here in England. That I left my heart in England. All it takes is my best. And I needed that reminder. "...labor with your might..." (D&C 75:3)

With that being said it will be hard. I understand that. I understand it even more within the past couple months. One thing President Pilkington said struck me, "If there was no adversity and no struggles, there would be no miracles." Throughout my mission I have noticed that the times we find the individual who is prepared, is when we were working hard. If we were finding investigator after investigator we wouldn't need to give any effort. We are literally finding a needle in a hay stack, like you said. I am prepared to find the needle.

I feel so blessed to be serving here in England. To be on ground of those who fought for freedom. I was reflecting on Zone Conference this morning and a poem Sister Pilkington shared, about the reason why English people wear poppies. I would try looking it up on Google. It was really good. I believe it is called "Why we wear poppies." Something along those lines. It inspired me to create a poem myself of why I love wearing my poppy. Here it is:

Why I wear a Poppy
I think of the men and women years ago
who died in war for England's soul.

I can hardly bare the dreadful thought
that many were taken because they boldly fought.

Because of the soldiers who freely gave
I have the privilege now to help save.

The freedom I have to declare God's word
even though I may not be heard.

They help me know I can do my part
because they died and gave it all their heart.

For this is my reason for wearing a red poppy
and my tag underneath it, so proudly.

I am proud to be a missionary to boldly declare the wonderful message of this Gospel. I truly cherish this calling and responsibility to be here in England. When I am old I will gladly tell my grandchildren that on the 11th of November 2014 and 2015 I was in England on Remembrance Day. That I walked the streets of England and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the sound of a trump. (D&C 24:12) 

With much love,
Sister Garrett

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Loving Missionary Work.

This week I have learned a lot. Sister Hart and I have found it difficult to enjoy finding. It seems like we are constantly finding. So it was hard to find the motivation to find. Sister Hart and I talked and realize we need to approach finding in a different light. We realized that finding isn't just to find investigators but to help God's children on an individual level. When we changed our view of the purpose of finding our attitudes changed. So our plan is to make finding more fun. That is what we feel that was lacking. We are going to try to involve the IPads more and use our resources. I am excited once again to go finding!

This week Sister Hart and I found two new investigators. So Chantelle is a 19 year old we have met twice. The first time we met her we asked if we could come by and she said she was busy. The next time we met her was at the bus stop. Turned out we were going on the same bus as her. I asked her how her day was and you could tell it wasn't good. She told us that she just found out her mom has terminal cancer and is expected to only have a few years to live. Sister Hart and I did our best to comfort her. We explained that in order to truly help her we had to teach her about the Gospel. She accepted a day for us to come by and teach her. Chantelle lives with her boyfriend, Michael, So we ended up teaching the both of them. We planned on teaching the Plan of Salvation but the Spirit told us otherwise. We showed the Because of Him video and testified of Jesus Christ's Atonement. The spirit was so strong in the lesson! We scheduled Chantelle and Michael for the 21 of November. They are great!

So the bad news of the week is that we are no longer teaching Keith or Bata. Here are their stories. We had a lesson with Keith this week. We planned on scheduling him. We asked him if he read Ether 12, and he said no. He told us of how he just couldn't believe in a God. The spirit told me that we had to let Keith go. I thought to myself. "Why would God want us to let Keith go after 3 lessons?" From what I know about Keith is that he can feel the spirit easily so when he comes to have a desire to know God is there, he will receive his answer. It was hard to walk away from Keith's house that night but I know Keith would recognize the feeling of the spirit in his life missing.

Bata was similar. We knocked on her door and instantly I knew we would not see her again. Bata did not have desire to change her beliefs. Even though it was sad to not being able to teach Keith and Bata I am glad we left it at a good note. Sister Hart and I are still searching for that prepared soul. We will find them! Hope you all have a great week! 


Sister Garrett

Monday, October 19, 2015

I really don't get subject lines sometimes.

Well it isn't much of a surprise. This week Sister Hart and I did a lot of finding. It is England and people here are just not bothered about religion. But besides finding we had a pretty good week. As a new missionary in the mission filed it is good for a missionary to get to know all of the lessons so this week Sister Hart and I went to some less-actives to practice teaching them. It started off Monday evening for Family Home Evening. We went to a older couple named the Spencer's. We practiced teaching the Plan of Salvation to them. The spirit was really strong. The trouble is here in England and I guess everywhere else is that people just make excuses in coming to church. The Spencer's are great people but just do not have the motivation to come. Which to be honest, is very sad. Sister Hart and I will work on them and try to commit them to coming back to church.

Tuesday Val invited Sister Hart and I for tea. She is so good and loving church so much! Val is a very outgoing person and she talks to everyone at church and just befriends them! She is 71 and so sometimes she forgets some of the doctrine that we teach her but she FEELS the truth of the Gospel. That is enough for her. She is an example to me of the Saint I want to become. Someone who follows Jesus Christ completely. Who doesn't ask why but just does it. Later that night we taught Rosemary. We taught her the power of Hope and Faith in her journey to give up smoking. We have  made some goals with her to help her stop smoking. Her desire is lacking just a little but I think her desire to quit smoking will increase the more she reads her scriptures, prayers, and ultimately goes to church.

We finally were able to see Carmin. Our investigator from Romania. I just love her. The lessons we have with her are incredible in the fact that we can communicate with her fairly easily. She has little English but we were able to teach her the first lesson. She understood that there were prophets. She doesn't understand why just select people could be a prophet. We shared Joseph Smith's experience with her and she honestly thought Joseph was just seeing things. We told her that the only way to find out is through prayer. She was in a rush so I don't think she soaked up everything. Hopefully we can see her again next week so she can understand how she can receive answers.

On Saturday we were able to teach Keith. We brought a member with us which I think helped because he could relate with him more. Last time we asked him if he would read Alma 32 for us. He did but it was hard for him to understand it. Keith still doesn't understand how there could be a God. He was unable to come to church which was a shame. He works Sundays and the next day he has off is in 7 weeks. Not looking good for us. I think he has desire to know that there is a God but he just doesn't want to tell us that. He is slightly stubborn. I really think over time he will accept the Gospel. 

The ward's numbers have been decreasing. There are so many less-actives in this ward, it is quite sad. President Pilkington wanted to help us out so he came and did a fireside for our ward. We invited everyone we could! Not as many showed up that we wanted to but it was
quite a good turn out. Several less-actives were there and even non-members! President Pilkington is so inspired! I think the ward really needed what he shared. Well time has come to a close. Talk to you all next week. Keep shining your lights!!

Love Sister Garrett

Monday, October 12, 2015

We preached to a man named Keith

My wonderful Family and Friends,

I hope you all have had a good week! This week is the same as always, finding. Which isn't a bad thing. It just means we are trying to find that person who is ready to accept the Gospel. This week we did 25 hours of FUN finding. Sister Hart and I have fun while we knock doors and street contact. This week we had appointments with Bata and Carmin but they weren't able to meet with us this week. Bata was sick and Carmin was getting her kids ready for school (they just moved to England two months ago) So nothing has happened there, BUT I still think they both have potential. 

Friday we taught two Jehovah Witnesses. More like they wanted to teach us. The kept asking questions and sharing scriptures from the bible that they think proved their point. But to be honest, they didn't have the spirit. That is how I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I know it through the Spirit. Sister Hart was really good in the lesson. She bore a lot of testimony that helped invite the spirit to the room. We gave one of the Jehovah Witnesses a Book of Mormon to read. She said she will read it. Another experience this week involving the Holy Ghost. :)

This week we found a man named Keith. He talked endlessly about how God cannot exist. We asked him how he knew and he said look at all the bad things happening in this world. We bore our testimonies and asked if we could share more with him sometime. He said we could come over but that we wouldn't be able to convince him. We said we could not convince him about anything. It was up to him. So we set up an appointment with him Saturday night and off we went.

Our Sister Training Leaders came on exchange with Sister Hart and I all of Saturday. So my friend and STL, Sister Davis, came to the scheduled lesson with Keith. I will be honest. I wasn't expecting Keith to answer the door when we went to his house Saturday night. What little faith I had. We got to know him a little bit better. His life, religious background, and his expectations of our visit. Then before we started the lesson we promised that he would feel the Spirit as we talked. To start it off we asked if we could offer a prayer. He said he would feel uncomfortable so he declined the offer. We respected him so we began to explain our beliefs. We taught Keith to his needs and shared the beginning part of the Plan of Salvation so that he could understood Heavenly Father and His plan for us.

Repeatedly throughout the lesson he mentioned all of the bad things that happen in this world. He couldn't accept the fact that a God could let all of these bad things happen. We talked about Agency, the purpose of life, the Holy Ghost role in our lives, and a lot about Jesus Christ. Both Sister Davis and I felt the spirit SO strong. We bore simple but powerful testimonies of Jesus Christ and God's love. Towards the end of the lesson you could see Keith completely change. We asked him to read the Book of Mormon. He accepted. We asked him if he would be baptized. He said he doesn't know enough at this point. (which we explained to him that we can help him with that) We asked if we could say a kneeling prayer with him. He said YES! We set up a return appointment and we are seeing him Wednesday.

The Holy Ghost is the real teacher. Sister Davis and I said what Keith needed to hear. All because of the spirit, Keith was able to turn completely around. I love this Gospel. It is so simple and that's what makes it so powerful. I love England and the people here. I cannot believe I hit my year mark Friday. I cannot face that fact. 

Until next week,
Sister Garrett :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Church is so true.

Dear Family and Friends,

I do not have much time to email. Right now we are in York and I have only 40 minutes to email. So this will be short but at some point I will explain more about this week and General Conference but here is just a summary of my week:

This week was great! I have learned so much from Sister Hart as well as from General Conference. I really enjoy training because it brings me back to the basics. (I really needed to be reminded.) Sister Hart is a brilliant finder. She is so bold and brave! She is very obedient and willing to work. I feel very blessed to be able to train her. This week we did a lot of finding again. But we did have some lessons as well. 

The first lesson we taught was to a woman named Bata. We have taught her three times in the past. She seems very curious to learn more about our church but I believe that is the extent. We have briefly went over the Restoration in the past but at our lesson we wanted to go over it in more detail. Well I guess that wasn't what we were suppose to teach. The spirit directed to talk more about the Book of Mormon and how to find truth. We tried to schedule her but she said she was already baptized. Next week we will teach about the priesthood along with the Restoration. I am not sure how interested she is to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized but we will ask her next week.

The other lesson we taught was to a woman named Carmin. She is from Romania. She speaks very little English. She knows very selected words but Sister Hart and I were able to communicate with her. It actually was very impressive to be honest. I don't speak Romanian (if you weren't aware) but she understood everything we taught. We invited her to be baptized which put her off a bit. Next week we will teach her the Restoration so that will help with
the questions she has. She seems very golden and prepared. I am excited to continue to teach her

General Conference was amazing! I really felt God's love for us while watching the sessions. It makes complete sense that God would call a prophet to the earth along with Twelve Apostles. The Gospel is so simple and sweet. Jesus Christ loves us and he reaches to us through the Holy Ghost and his servants, the prophets and apostles. I love this Gospel and I am glad I have the chance to declare his word.

Until next week,

Sister Garrett

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finding like champs

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been very basic. It has been mainly made up of finding. Sister Hart and I did 25 hours of finding this week. We worked really hard but basically right now we are just building up our teaching pool. We had appointments this week but people didn't show up. (That is my mission life right there!) BUT we found more then 10 potentials this past week and have several lessons lined up for this
week so it looks like it will be good! :) We have an appointment with two girls at the church tonight. We have two appointments on Thursday. One with Paul and Bata again. We got in contact with them again and the other lesson with a Romanian family we found while knocking. On Friday we have an appointment with a man named Ryan.

Monday evening Sister Hart and I went to a member's house for Family Home Evening. We have started something new in the ward. Every week the sisters and I select a family to go see and visit them and share a FHE lesson about missionary work. At the end we invite them to pray for missionary opportunities and then have them write down an experience they had within that week in a notebook. Then on Sunday morning they will go up and read their missionary experience to the ward. This notebook is going to be passed within the ward to help the ward become more missionary minded. I am really excited for it to start going! The first family we went to enjoyed our lesson.

This past week though we had the opportunity to teach a less-active named Rosemary. She hasn't been to church for a few years now. She has a problem with smoking and admitted it to us. While we were in the lesson Sister Hart and I scheduled her! Ok not for baptism but to quit smoking. This week we are going to bring a calendar and set daily goals for her to stop smoking by a certain date. The spirit was so strong in the lesson! Sister Hart and I just walked from the lesson smiling.

Finding, practice teaching members, teaching less-actives, and being flogged sums up the week. I wish I had something more exciting to tell you all but sadly I don't. Next week's email will be better! :) Sister Hart and I are going to work harder! Hope you all are doing well and everything is going well! Enjoy your week and make the most of every moment! Love you all!!

Sister Garrett
Sister Woods from Ogden, Utah

Monday, September 21, 2015

Val dressed in white. The highlight of my week.

Family and Friends,

As you can tell from my subject.... Val was BAPTIZED!!!!! I will never get tired of seeing one of my investigators in white. Never. Saturday night was wonderful. Val has made my week. I will talk about her more later. I will start off the week from Wednesday. 

Transfer Meeting was Wednesday. I could not sleep the night before and leading up to the meeting I was just shaking. Seven sisters came in and knowing I could be training any one of them just scared me. My new companion is Sister Hart. (Pronounced like Heart. In case you wanted to know.) She is from Pocatello Idaho. She is 19 years old. She learns so fast, I feel like I don't have to do much training. She is very outgoing and personable with everyone we meet on the street. She is good at street contacting. She feels uncomfortable about knocking but honestly who wouldn't? Within these last few days I have realized how much I have grown within (almost a year) of being out in the field. I was like Sister Hart. Didn't particularly like knocking but now, I love it! I cannot imagine not knocking for the rest of my life! 

Currently we have no one to really teach. Sister Jessee and I had to split the area. We put all of our investigators, potentials, and less-actives into two areas then we each got one. So the investigators that Sister Hart and I got are Paul and Bata as well as Michael. All three of them are not getting back to us. Sister Hart and I talked yesterday and we've came to the conclusion that this week we are going to work hard to find new investigators. We are going to use new/creative approaches, find in different areas, and really try to talk to EVERYONE we see. I have great hopes for this next week! 

The morning of Val's baptism our bishop called and told us the musical number was canceled due to illness. So during lunch Sister Hart and I practiced Lead, Kindly Light to sing at the baptism. It went really well! While singing, I could just feel how much love God had for Val and for each and everyone of us. The spirit was so strong at the baptism! I would be lying if I said that Val wasn't scared to be baptized. I learned so much from her because she allowed faith to overrule her doubts and she followed Christ's example. She has made a big impact on me as I have been able to teach her. I love her so very much and I am glad she now has the Gospel in her life. I love missionary work! I never imagined how amazing and fun missionary work would be. I cannot believe I have been out for almost a year. I love it here, to much to leave. Well enough about the time I have left, I hope you all have a great week. Peace out homies! 

Love your friend in England,

Sister Garrett (Swaggy G)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I hope you enjoyed my raptism now it's time to plan Val's baptism

My family and friends,
I finished my rap!! I am not sure if I can send a video in an email so I will send you the words here.

Yo, what up, my name is Sister Garrett
I come from this church here you can't compare it (point at badge)
We're the kind of girls that don't shove it in your face
We invite ALL to learn more, take it at your own pace

My home I left in the Rocky Mountains
To serve Jesus Christ who is my captain
I flew over here just to mention
About His church and the Restoration

It all began with the prophets of old
Who brought God's children into one big fold
Prophets like Moses, Noah, and Abraham
God gave em authority to benefit man

Jesus, himself, came to this earth
To help us out and establish his church
He called twelve homies to help him preach
No matter how hard they tried to reach

Not every man believed in Christ
That he would come and suffer the price
Mistakes and pains he felt it all
So he could pick us up after we fall

Jesus Christ journey came to a close
You thought it was finished or so you supposed
We'd like to tell you that it wasn't over
The story is simple now let us uncover

Just like in those times of old
God called another prophet we know its bold
Our Heavenly Father and His Son
Appeared to this boy the only one

Joseph Smith is the name of that lad
He translated this book we know it's rad (hold up Book of Mormon)
Inspired by God's mighty hand
Recorded in an ancient land

To feel the power of this book
You gotta pick it up and have a look
The source of truth is from the man upstairs
We're here to tell ya that he'll answer your prayers

You'll feel it by that Holy Spirit
Through your heart and your mind you'll truly feel it
We invite you to read it right through
And ask God if the book is true

When you come to know the message is right
Don't put up a fight, just be baptized
Invite us over and we'll tell you more
So you know what blessings are in store

I haven't rapped on the street it anybody yet but it will happen eventually. The missionaries in our Zone call Sister Jessee and I the Pontefract rappers. Anyway, on to my week. This week has seemed like a blur. I honestly cannot remember much. I feel like this past transfer has just FLOWN by. I feel like Sister Jessee and I just became companions. This week nothing much has changed. We have only been teaching Val. Our other investigators have either dropped us or we dropped them. But the good news for the week is..... VAL IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! She passed her baptismal interview and this Saturday is her baptism!!! I am so excited. Sister Jessee and I have been inviting the whole ward to her baptism in hopes we will have a good turn out.

So yesterday was transfer call night. Sister Jessee and I knew we were going to be split up. Every time I have gotten along with a companion and the area is progressing, President Pilkington decides to splits us up. The problem was that Sister Jessee and I both wanted to stay to see Val's baptism AND we both loved serving with each other! Well Sister Jessee received a call from President last night that she would be training a new missionary. President also called me. He asked me if I would also train. Yes you read that right. I will be training as well!! The best part is that both Sister Jessee and I will stay in Pontefract. Our flat is going to be a four man flat. Party!! I couldn't sleep at all last night! I believe it is also why I cannot remember ANYTHING from this past week. So I am sorry about that.

The one thing I do remember is my personal study one morning. I have started the Book of Mormon over and I got to Jacob 5. WOW does that chapter apply to missionary work. Towards the end of the chapter the Lord of the vineyard calls for his servant to bring other servants to help in the vineyard. My favorite verse is 71 which reads, 

"And the Lord of the vineyard said unto them: Go to, and labor in the vineyard, with your might. For behold, this is the last time that I shall nourish my vineyard; for the end is nigh at hand, and the season speedily cometh; and if ye labor with your might with me ye shall have joy in the fruit.." 

Missionaries are the servants in the Lord's vineyard. The time we have as missionaries is short BUT the Lord promises if we work with all our might, we will have joy in the fruit. I know that the joy of missionary work is worth it. I have loved every minute of my mission. It is sometimes hard but with the Lord's help is it worth it. Eddie, Charlie, and soon to be Val are TOTALLY worth it!

I love you all very much! Hope you guys have a great week!! Can not wait to tell you guys next week who I will be training! :)

Your friend,

Sister Garrett

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another week in Ponty- Val is my pal edition

Dear family and friends,

This past week was good. Compared to the previous week it wasn't filled with as many miracles but nonetheless it was an excellent week! Val is progressing so well! She is getting nervous for her baptismal date but is ready to make the commitment to follow Jesus Christ. She lives right down the street from some members who have been fellow-shipping her. We have been having the lessons at their house because Val's house is under construction. Yesterday we taught her the Word of Wisdom. She doesn't drink Alcohol or smoke. She only drinks coffee but she says that she is going to give it up! She is so prepared!! I love her so much!!

The other solid investigator we have is Ciaran. (pronounced keer-in) He is originally from Manchester and moved to a village called Upton in the Pontefract area around a month ago. Ciaran referred himself to the mission office. They contacted us and we went to see him. He expressed to President Pilkington that he felt he would be more comfortable around Elders so some Elders from a nearby area are teaching Ciaran right now. He is scheduled for the 26 of September and came to church yesterday so he is doing really well.

Sorry this email is a short one but I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Sister Garrett

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The miracles haven't ceased!

My family and friends,

Week after week I have been able to witness miracle after miracle. It has been amazing to be God's hand in so many people's lives!. All I can say is I feel blessed to be a part of the work here in England. I wish I could write you detailed experiences that I have had this week but time will not permit me, so I do apologize.

I will start off with Tuesday. On Tuesday we had an appointment with a man named Michael. He is 20 years old. We meet him on the street on Sunday. He had earphones in and I stopped him to ask what he was listening to. I then asked if he liked rap. He said no but I said he'd be impressed to hear my companion rap. Sister Jessee rapped and Michael loved it! He was so impressed that he texted us later that day and asked why we have faith. Michael could not understand why 20 year old girls wouldn't be partying and instead "spreading the word." We met with him and he now understands more about our beliefs. Michael is a new investigator. Although he isn't interested particularly in religion he is interested in learning why 20 year old girls believe in God.

Wednesday, we went on an exchange with my Sister Training Leader (Sister Geizer) and her companion (Sister Riberra). We found several potentials that day! They all were so solid too! It was amazing to see how many people are prepared here in Pontefract.

Thursday, (still on the exchange) Sister Riberra and I tried by a potential named Paul that Sister Jessee and I found the third day we arrived to Pontefract. He answered and asked if we wanted to come in. Because we cannot go into the home of a man younger then 55 unless we have a member we scheduled to meet with him the following evening. Sister Geizer and Sister Jessee tried by another potential (Virginia) we met and they were let in!! They taught her about the Restoration. Virginia is heavily involved in her church but was willing to still meet with us. 

Later that day Sister Jessee and I had another lesson with Ron. It went really well! He is busy the next few Sundays but he has promised to come to church on the 20th of September. I believe once he comes to church he will progress even more than he has been. We talked about faith and how God allows us to work by faith. We were in the process of scheduling him but he asked to stop the lesson there. (He likes only to have small amounts of information at a time.)

Friday evening we brought a member to Paul's home. Paul only had thirty minutes so we planned on just teaching simple truths of the Restoration and to schedule him. Paul's sister even sat in on the lesson. I was so excited! The member over took the lesson so we didn't teach much. It was quite frustrating BUT we are still seeing them this week. They are both investigators and I see quite a lot of potential in the both of them.

Saturday we taught Val. (The woman who let us in last week.) She is just soooo great!!! We invited her to baptized on the 19 of September and she agreed to the date. She is scared to be put underwater but she is willing to be baptized! She also came to church on Sunday and LOVED it!!! One of the members invited her to Family Home Evening at there house (the member lives right down the street from Val.) We tagged along to the family home evening and she loved that as well! She already seems like she is a member! In fact, the member told us that she is telling people she is a Mormon! Val was prepared to hear the Gospel.

I feel so blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not only a member but I feel blessed to be a missionary proclaiming God's word. Seeing people change because of the Gospel builds my testimony. I love this Gospel. I hope you all do as well. Love you all! Have a fantastic week! 


Sister Garrett

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yo what up! My name is Sister Garrett!!

Whats up family and friends,

This week has been great! Miracles have been coming left and right! I enjoy opening up a new area because these miracles are easier to recognize. The first miracle happened Monday night when we tried by a less-active family. They expressed their desire to come back to church and bring their family closer together. It was a good visit with them and they ended up coming to church yesterday.

Wednesday the mission had Zone Conference. Elder and Sister Moreirra came to speak with us. Elder Moreirra is from the Seventy. He was a very great speaker. He was really funny as well! From Zone Conference I set several goals for myself. 
#1 to become exactly obedient. It is easy to obey the big rules of the mission but it is harder to obey the smaller ones. I want to become EXACTLY obedient.
#2 to have a good attitude. In any circumstance I want to develop the habit of having a good attitude towards anything.
#3 recognize and express my gratitude. From this goal I have a planner that I am writing now a miracle that I've had that day. It has helped me stay positive.

After Zone Conference Sister Jessee and I decided to stop by a referral a member gave us. This referral has recently gone through a divorce and just need some encouragement. We taught her a short and simple yet powerful message about the Restoration. She loved it! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. We set a baptismal date with her as a goal and she is happy to work for the date. What I didn't mention is that we taught all of this on her doorstep, while it was raining, and I didn't have my coat on, yet I loved it!!

Thursday, we had a lesson with Ron. He had questions about the Fall and the nature of God. He doesn't believe that God would have planned the Fall and that God has a physical body. We planned really well for the lesson with several scriptures and quotes. We taught him the beginning part of the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so strong! We left the lesson with him rethinking the Fall and the nature of God. We used a quote that I just love! "Just as we do not really desire food until we are hungry, we will not fully desire eternal salvation until we recognize our need for the Savior. This recognition comes as we grow in our understanding of the Fall." 

Friday we went to a tea appointment and got there early, 30 minutes to be exact. We decided to do some knocking before the appointment. 15 minutes into knocking we knocked on this woman's door and she invited us in! We only had 10 minutes to teach her so we taught her about the Restoration. I stated Joseph Smith experience as he had the vision and she said "I feel cold and I have goosebumps." She felt the spirit and we will be teaching her tomorrow and schedule her for baptism. Another miracle is that we made it to our tea appointment on time! 

It has been a great week! Sister Jessee and I have tried to make finding more fun. I have 8 lines down from my rap and so Sister Jessee and I will rap together for people on the street! I am excited!! Thank you guys for all that you do! I hope this week is memorable! 

Lots of Love,
Sister Garrett

Monday, August 17, 2015

Helping Pontefract one step at a time.

To my lovely family and friends,

This week has been fairly good. Hard work but good! I will start off by saying that Sister Jessee and I have two new investigators!!! :) Woo Hoo!! Their names are Kris and Joseph. I'll explain their stories to you.

Kris is 22 years old. He works at a store named Morrisons. (It's like Fresh Market) Anyway, we stopped him while street contacting Monday night and set up an appointment with him the following morning. The lesson with him went really well. He understood everything we taught. We tried to give him a goal for baptism but he declined. He said that he is really connected to the Church of England. He said that he will read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We have limited contact with him because of his job but his aunt is a member of the church and goes to our ward. We will try to go through her to help Kris.

Joseph is in high 20's. He is a single parent with a 3 year old son. His son is adorable. We knocked on his door and rapped to him. (Sister Jessee has the rap, I give the beat. I am in the process of making one up now.) He liked it and we taught him the Restoration. He accepted the goal of baptism on the 12th of September. I called him to see if he was coming to church and he said he was reading some more information about the church. He agreed to still meet with us to see if it is the true church. We will see him tomorrow to smooth over some misconceptions. 

We also met with the Elders former investigator (Ron). He has been investigating for 18 months? Anyway, he is big into the bible and deep doctrine. We are working with him now.

The Pontefract ward is struggling. The ward has a lot of less-active. So Sister Jessee and I have been visiting the less-active members to bring them back to church. We went on a split with the Relief Society President and another Sister on Thursday this week. I went with the Relief Society President to a less-active sister. Her name is Brenda Humphries. She has had a lot of feelings of inadequacy. I shared with her the Mormon Message "The Power of Hope". That video touched her so much that it made her cry. We comforted her and saw her at church on Sunday. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings hope to the hopeless. I have seen that so much on my mission! Everyone needs the influence of hope in their lives. Jesus Christ gives that hope through His Atonement. I bare testimony of that. I love you all soooo much!! Have a great week!!!

Sister Garrett

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New area...

To my family and friends,
I am no longer in Grimsby. Which is quite sad BUT I am excited to start things off in my new area. Right now I am in Pontefract. Which compared to Grimsby is quite different. Pontefract, like my other areas is small and not very nice. When we got here to Pontefract on Wednesday we started off by seeing the Ward Mission Leader (Brother Carter). He really is so missionary minded and wants to get the area moving with new investigators.

As of right now Sister Jessee and I are the only missionaries in our area. They pulled the Elders out and put Sisters in. Pontefract hasn't had sisters in 5 years! (Very similar to Grimsby) The ward is very small and has a lot of less-active members. Our work here is going to be bringing less-actives back to church, strengthening member relationships, and finding new investigators!! Sister Jessee and I are excited to work! As of right now we have two investigators that we haven't met yet. Their names are Ron and Sullivan. We realize that this ward really needs Sisters and new members to build the ward. I am excited to start working here.

Through our finding efforts this week we have a return appointment with a single father named Joseph. He is very open-minded and is willing to see if there is a God. I am excited for him to learn more.
I have to run but know that I love you all and hope you guys have a great week!!!

With love,
Sister Garrett

P.S. Sister Jessee is from California and has been out on here mission for almost a year now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

this week is full of big news...

To my amazing family and friends,

Transfer calls were last night. And since I love anticipation... you will have to wait for the results till after I explain about my week... :)

This past week we had MANY miracles again!! They all happened on Thursday! We met with most of our investigators on that day for some reasons. First we met with was Rebecca. We watched the Restoration video with her and bore our testimonies of the Restoration. I know she felt the spirit. She loved watching the video as well! Afterward we scheduled her for the 29 of August. I feel that she is ready! As she comes to church, reads and prays she will feel the Holy Ghost testify to her of the truth. 

After Rebecca we ran over to Georgina's house. We also wanted to watch the video with her because she seems like a visual person. I think it helped her as well understand the message of the Restoration. She unfortunately is going away on holiday for two weeks but having faith we scheduled her as well. But for the 19th of September. She seemed a bit more hesitant then Rebecca, but I know at some point she will accept the Gospel. :)

Later that day we saw Gemma. Martin wasn't available but we saw her with a member. Wow. The spirit was strong. Sister Silvennoinen and I went in with the intention of following the spirit. With ONE question we asked her, Gemma brought up that she thought setting a date would be good. I asked her what date she thought and she said the 28 of August. Since I knew Satan would tempt her with a date so far away I asked if she would be ready to be baptized on the 15th of August. She said if she receives her answer, yes she would. You can never go wrong by following the spirit and these past two weeks is evidence of that. It's nothing that I have done. It was all Heavenly Father! He knows what is best for his children and missionaries are his instruments. I know that is true!

Yesterday, President Pilkington decided that he wanted to meet Gemma and Martin. I can now say that I have been in a lesson with President Pilkington! Which is rare because of how busy he is, but I think the visit helped Martin and Gemma want to progress.

So for the results of the transfer call... I am leaving the Great Grimsby. Which I am sad about. I hate saying goodbye to people! But I know I am going where Heavenly Father needs me. I will be heading up by York with a Sister named Sister Jesse. I have heard GREAT things about her so I am excited for this transfer. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!!

Much love,
Sister Garrett

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The week of MANY Mini Miracles!

Hi-ya family and friends,

I hope your week has been great! As you can see by my subject mine was. Like I said this week has been filled with Many Mini Miracles. It all honestly started on Wednesday. So I will go through the week....

Wednesday, we went by a solid potential we found last week. His name is Kyle. We decided to go by and visit him. When we went over we actually got to his house right on time. He just got home from work 30 minutes previously. We set up an appointment with him for Friday. 

Thursday, we have a potential named Sophie we found last week. We tried calling her but she never answered so we decided to go by her house. Sophie was busy at the moment but we got a return appointment with her for next week.

Friday, Kyle's appointment came. We brought a member with us because Kyle was under 55. And guess what? Kyle didn't flog!! We taught him the Restoration and it was great! He understands that he needs to find out the truth of the message by himself and not just believing us. Kyle is a new investigator with a goal of baptism on the 22nd of August. 

Saturday, we had a lesson with another potential named Rebecca. I found Rebecca with Sister Georgson while knocking. We taught her about the Restoration as well! Guess what? Another new investigator! She seems really genuine and wanting to find the truth. Next week she plans on coming to church with her four kids. 

Later that day we received text message saying, "Hi this is Arash, I'm interested to visit the church of Jesus Christ, could you please send me the address and the time you start. Thanks" "You gave this card (with your number) to my friend" Well Sister Silvennoinen and I gave him the address and time. Sunday morning we see Arash (whom we never met) and his friend we gave the card to. On Tuesday we will be teaching them with our Ward Mission Leader. 

Later that day we visited more potentials and have two more return appointments!! This week has taught me to just be patient and to work hard! Hard work eventually pays off. I love missionary work and the mini miracles that make a week so wonderful! I hope you all have a great week! :)

With much love,
Sister Garrett

P.S. I finished the Book of Mormon again two days ago. The Book of Mormon is so true! Heavenly Father loves us. His love is shown by him giving us the Book of Mormon. Read it and find it out yourself! :) I love you all!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good week.

Dear Family and Friends,

This week wasn't as good as last week. Sister Silvennoinen's and I focus on the previous week was better. This week we tried visiting potentials, less-actives, and some of the Elders former investigators. Not many people answered the door. It is a bit frustrating to knock on the door and know they are inside but they don't come to the door. Sister Silvennoinen and I recognised that this next week needs to be better then this past week. We want to improve our finding.

We have been working with a less active named George lately. He keeps saying he is going to come to church but he never shows up. We decided to re-teach George the lessons. He loved the Restoration lesson but makes excuses about coming to church. This week we wanted to help him come to church.

At the Zone Training on Wednesday I learned a lot! I came back and realized I want to be a better finder. I want to work on being more confident and talking to everyone. I want to be better at my approaches and transitions. I went on an exchange with Sister Davis after the meeting. Sister Davis is great! I felt boosted after her exchange! These past few days I have gained more confidence in myself and in my finding.

Sister Davis and I taught a lesson to a girl and her friend on Thursday. Her name is Fahmida and her friend name is Molly. I believe Molly has a lot of potential. We don't have any contact info for her but we will get it from Fahmida.

Ward Council this week was really good! The focus was about how we can make Sacrament Meeting better. I feel I personally made this Sunday better. On the way to church Sister Silvennoinen asked me what my favorite sacrament hymn was. I told her "I Stand All Amazed" or "How Great Thou Art." The sacrament hymn sung at church was "I Stand All Amazed". I felt the spirit so strong! While they were passing the sacrament I went over the words.

I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, Confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me.
I tremble to know that for me he was crucified, That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died.
 Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me Enough to die for me!
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!

Because of my mistakes Jesus Christ suffered. I love being on a mission! All my weakness and mistakes have come to light while being on a mission. And Jesus Christ can help me. He loves me and he wants me to have the best chance. Now it is up to me to do the rest. These next 9 months of my mission I want to work harder and make the most of the time I have. Time on the mission is just way to short. I love my mission!

Sister Garrett

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear family and friends....

Guess what??? I am 20 years old now!! Woo hoo! (jumping for joy)

 At the beginnning of the year it felt like my birthday was ages away. I cannot believe it has past. Time on the mission has just flown by!! I have only 9 months left. So sad!

I feel bad every week because my letters are always so short. Nothing really changes every week. Honestly it really is only finding. Every Monday night we have been going to Charlie's house to have Family Home Evening. It has been so cute to see her teach her children the Gospel. I have been becoming closer to the Grimsby ward. I feel like they are my family from home. The members gave me a cake on my birthday and they are all so thoughtful! I will make next weeks email more exciting!!! :)  I love you all sooo much!

Sister Garrett

The start of a new transfer.

My family and friends,

Wednesday was sad to have to part ways with Sister Georgson. Her and I were best friends. We seriously were the same person. I felt, honestly, empty to not have her in Grimsby. 

My new companion is Sister Silvenoinen. She is from Finland. Hence, why it is hard to pronounce her name. Good luck. Her and I were in the MTC together so she has been out for almost 9 months. Sister Silvenoinen is the oldest of 8 children and everyone in her family is a member. She is 21 and loves to read.

Sister Silvenoinen is naturally very quiet and shy. The past few days has been actually difficult to get use to. Sister Silvenoinen and I have different ways to find and so it was hard at first to find with her. She talked to everybody but I thought the way she found was a bit awkward. I was a bit stubborn I have to admit. Last night when we got home from a lesson we talked about how we each felt. We worked everything out and made goals of how we can help the area in Grimsby grow. I am excited to work hard with her this transfer!!

I was reading in Preach My Gospel this morning in Chapter 9 How to Find People to Teach under Talk with Everyone. I came a
cross a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants I would like to share with all of you. It is in section 60 verses 2-3. It showed me how I need to be more willing to share my talents and to not be fearful but courageous. I challenge all of you guys to improve your talents this week! :) Have a great week everyone!!

Sister Garrett

P.S. I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting. It was great! I actually love giving talks now. Surprising! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Find, find, find, and repeat

My wonderful family and friends,

I hope you all have had a great week! This week for me has been pretty simple. If I'd sum it up in one word it would be; finding. This week Sister Georgson and I had 29 hours of finding. Our lessons this week fell through. Our investigators Nick and Tatianna haven't gotten a hold of us for a week now. We are quite worried about them! They seemed so prepared.

This week nothing has really happened regards to finding new investigators but this week Sister Georgson and I have really tried to focus on missionary work when we go to members home for tea. We had an experience with a family this week that was really cool.

We went to the Browne home for tea this week and shared a quote about missionary work. We committed them to pray for an opportunity to share the Gospel and that night, as a family, they did. The next day they went to lunch, as a family. They started talking to a woman and they mentioned they were Mormons. She wanted to learn more and got their contact information! They don't live in our boundaries BUT we are focusing on helping the ward become a missionary ward. It was great to be apart of that experience.

I love you all very much and wish you a fantastic week!

Sister Garrett
English word of the week-
English word for stealing.
Ex: Sister Georgson likes to pinch my chocolate. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Charlie in white! :)

My family and friends,

Last Fast Sunday, (3 of May) we walked in pouring rain to get to Charlie's house so we could walk her to church. Because of the weather I was afraid that she would ignore us and not come to church. Little faith I had. She was there waiting with her two kids in the poring rain. She loved church and the testimonies that everyone bore. 

Friday, 30 of May, Charlie Fox followed Jesus Christ's example and was baptized. It probably was one of the happiest moment for me to witness. To have found Charlie and helped her in the journey towards eternal life. She loves the Gospel and Jesus Christ. Sister Georgson and I stood at the side of the font when Charlie was baptized. Sister Georgson and I were smiling so big! As well as Charlie when she came up out of the water. As she walked up the steps I asked her how she was feeling. She started to cry and said, "Amazing." At that moment I really realized why the Lord sends missionaries out in the world. To find people like Charlie who want to get back home to their Father. At her baptismal service, Charlie bore her sweet testimony about Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith. She said when we taught her about the Restoration she couldn't deny that is wasn't true.

Yesterday, on Fast Sunday (31 of May) outside it was pouring rain. Just like a month before and this time, Charlie was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She bore her testimony to the ward of how the Church of Jesus Christ is in fact true. Charlie is amazing example to me of faith and strength. I will always cherish the moment I met her and saw her be baptized! :)

After church on Sunday we went to

visit a potential investigator. Her name is Tatianna and she is from Latvia. She has been in England for 2 years but has amazing English. She has two twin girls who are 5 years old. We taught Tatianna the first lesson and scheduled her for baptism for the 4th of July. America is so excited for her to get baptized, they will celebrate with fireworks!! ;)

This week we also saw Nick. He has been reading the Book of Mormon. He finds it difficult but he said he will continue to read it. He truly wants to know if he will be able to see his father and brother again. This week we will be giving him a church tour and we plan on scheduling him then.

This week was amazing! I truly love being a missionary!! I love you all very much! Make the most of every moment you have! :)

With lots of love,

Sister Garrett

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CHARLIE!!! :) :) :)

Hi-ya to my family and friends,

I just want to start off by saying that I am sooooooo happy to be able to witness Charlie's baptism this Saturday!! This last Sunday, Charlie had her baptismal interview. She passed! This week we taught her about tithing. She is a single parent, with no job, going to school, lives in a flat, has two kids to look after, and is in debt. When we taught her about tithing she understood why, as members of the church, we would pay tithing but she couldn't see how she would pay tithing herself. So Sister Georgson and I prayed hard for her! And on Sunday, she met with the bishop and she committed to pay tithing after she is baptized!! She is really doing so great. The first time I met her I could tell she was struggling, but now she is so happy and confident! The Gospel of Jesus Christ really does change people!

Besides Charlie we got another investigator this week. His name is Nick. Nick is probably in his 50's. He had his dad, brother, and uncle pass away within the last 10 years. He is fairly interested to learn more about the Gospel. We answered a lot of his questions last Wednesday when we taught him. He thinks it is great to see young women our age "changing the world". It interests him to see why we would leave our homes to come here by ourselves. Nick seems quite promising. We will be seeing him again on Wednesday.

Thursday was Zone Conference. I just love Zone Conference!! I learn of so many things that I personally need to do better at. I came back with a long list that I need to improve on. I love President and Sister Pilkington so much! I know they are in this mission to personally help me. I look up to them so much and the words they spoke help inspire me. We found out that two weeks from Thursday we official get IPads. I am not to excited about it but I know it can be used as a tool to help the work here in the England Leeds Mission. I am so glad to be here on a mission in the best mission in the WORLD! I am truly lucky! I love you all for your wonderful support and I hope you all have a great week!

Until I email again,

Sister Garrett