Monday, October 19, 2015

I really don't get subject lines sometimes.

Well it isn't much of a surprise. This week Sister Hart and I did a lot of finding. It is England and people here are just not bothered about religion. But besides finding we had a pretty good week. As a new missionary in the mission filed it is good for a missionary to get to know all of the lessons so this week Sister Hart and I went to some less-actives to practice teaching them. It started off Monday evening for Family Home Evening. We went to a older couple named the Spencer's. We practiced teaching the Plan of Salvation to them. The spirit was really strong. The trouble is here in England and I guess everywhere else is that people just make excuses in coming to church. The Spencer's are great people but just do not have the motivation to come. Which to be honest, is very sad. Sister Hart and I will work on them and try to commit them to coming back to church.

Tuesday Val invited Sister Hart and I for tea. She is so good and loving church so much! Val is a very outgoing person and she talks to everyone at church and just befriends them! She is 71 and so sometimes she forgets some of the doctrine that we teach her but she FEELS the truth of the Gospel. That is enough for her. She is an example to me of the Saint I want to become. Someone who follows Jesus Christ completely. Who doesn't ask why but just does it. Later that night we taught Rosemary. We taught her the power of Hope and Faith in her journey to give up smoking. We have  made some goals with her to help her stop smoking. Her desire is lacking just a little but I think her desire to quit smoking will increase the more she reads her scriptures, prayers, and ultimately goes to church.

We finally were able to see Carmin. Our investigator from Romania. I just love her. The lessons we have with her are incredible in the fact that we can communicate with her fairly easily. She has little English but we were able to teach her the first lesson. She understood that there were prophets. She doesn't understand why just select people could be a prophet. We shared Joseph Smith's experience with her and she honestly thought Joseph was just seeing things. We told her that the only way to find out is through prayer. She was in a rush so I don't think she soaked up everything. Hopefully we can see her again next week so she can understand how she can receive answers.

On Saturday we were able to teach Keith. We brought a member with us which I think helped because he could relate with him more. Last time we asked him if he would read Alma 32 for us. He did but it was hard for him to understand it. Keith still doesn't understand how there could be a God. He was unable to come to church which was a shame. He works Sundays and the next day he has off is in 7 weeks. Not looking good for us. I think he has desire to know that there is a God but he just doesn't want to tell us that. He is slightly stubborn. I really think over time he will accept the Gospel. 

The ward's numbers have been decreasing. There are so many less-actives in this ward, it is quite sad. President Pilkington wanted to help us out so he came and did a fireside for our ward. We invited everyone we could! Not as many showed up that we wanted to but it was
quite a good turn out. Several less-actives were there and even non-members! President Pilkington is so inspired! I think the ward really needed what he shared. Well time has come to a close. Talk to you all next week. Keep shining your lights!!

Love Sister Garrett

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