Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The miracles haven't ceased!

My family and friends,

Week after week I have been able to witness miracle after miracle. It has been amazing to be God's hand in so many people's lives!. All I can say is I feel blessed to be a part of the work here in England. I wish I could write you detailed experiences that I have had this week but time will not permit me, so I do apologize.

I will start off with Tuesday. On Tuesday we had an appointment with a man named Michael. He is 20 years old. We meet him on the street on Sunday. He had earphones in and I stopped him to ask what he was listening to. I then asked if he liked rap. He said no but I said he'd be impressed to hear my companion rap. Sister Jessee rapped and Michael loved it! He was so impressed that he texted us later that day and asked why we have faith. Michael could not understand why 20 year old girls wouldn't be partying and instead "spreading the word." We met with him and he now understands more about our beliefs. Michael is a new investigator. Although he isn't interested particularly in religion he is interested in learning why 20 year old girls believe in God.

Wednesday, we went on an exchange with my Sister Training Leader (Sister Geizer) and her companion (Sister Riberra). We found several potentials that day! They all were so solid too! It was amazing to see how many people are prepared here in Pontefract.

Thursday, (still on the exchange) Sister Riberra and I tried by a potential named Paul that Sister Jessee and I found the third day we arrived to Pontefract. He answered and asked if we wanted to come in. Because we cannot go into the home of a man younger then 55 unless we have a member we scheduled to meet with him the following evening. Sister Geizer and Sister Jessee tried by another potential (Virginia) we met and they were let in!! They taught her about the Restoration. Virginia is heavily involved in her church but was willing to still meet with us. 

Later that day Sister Jessee and I had another lesson with Ron. It went really well! He is busy the next few Sundays but he has promised to come to church on the 20th of September. I believe once he comes to church he will progress even more than he has been. We talked about faith and how God allows us to work by faith. We were in the process of scheduling him but he asked to stop the lesson there. (He likes only to have small amounts of information at a time.)

Friday evening we brought a member to Paul's home. Paul only had thirty minutes so we planned on just teaching simple truths of the Restoration and to schedule him. Paul's sister even sat in on the lesson. I was so excited! The member over took the lesson so we didn't teach much. It was quite frustrating BUT we are still seeing them this week. They are both investigators and I see quite a lot of potential in the both of them.

Saturday we taught Val. (The woman who let us in last week.) She is just soooo great!!! We invited her to baptized on the 19 of September and she agreed to the date. She is scared to be put underwater but she is willing to be baptized! She also came to church on Sunday and LOVED it!!! One of the members invited her to Family Home Evening at there house (the member lives right down the street from Val.) We tagged along to the family home evening and she loved that as well! She already seems like she is a member! In fact, the member told us that she is telling people she is a Mormon! Val was prepared to hear the Gospel.

I feel so blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not only a member but I feel blessed to be a missionary proclaiming God's word. Seeing people change because of the Gospel builds my testimony. I love this Gospel. I hope you all do as well. Love you all! Have a fantastic week! 


Sister Garrett

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