Thursday, September 17, 2015

I hope you enjoyed my raptism now it's time to plan Val's baptism

My family and friends,
I finished my rap!! I am not sure if I can send a video in an email so I will send you the words here.

Yo, what up, my name is Sister Garrett
I come from this church here you can't compare it (point at badge)
We're the kind of girls that don't shove it in your face
We invite ALL to learn more, take it at your own pace

My home I left in the Rocky Mountains
To serve Jesus Christ who is my captain
I flew over here just to mention
About His church and the Restoration

It all began with the prophets of old
Who brought God's children into one big fold
Prophets like Moses, Noah, and Abraham
God gave em authority to benefit man

Jesus, himself, came to this earth
To help us out and establish his church
He called twelve homies to help him preach
No matter how hard they tried to reach

Not every man believed in Christ
That he would come and suffer the price
Mistakes and pains he felt it all
So he could pick us up after we fall

Jesus Christ journey came to a close
You thought it was finished or so you supposed
We'd like to tell you that it wasn't over
The story is simple now let us uncover

Just like in those times of old
God called another prophet we know its bold
Our Heavenly Father and His Son
Appeared to this boy the only one

Joseph Smith is the name of that lad
He translated this book we know it's rad (hold up Book of Mormon)
Inspired by God's mighty hand
Recorded in an ancient land

To feel the power of this book
You gotta pick it up and have a look
The source of truth is from the man upstairs
We're here to tell ya that he'll answer your prayers

You'll feel it by that Holy Spirit
Through your heart and your mind you'll truly feel it
We invite you to read it right through
And ask God if the book is true

When you come to know the message is right
Don't put up a fight, just be baptized
Invite us over and we'll tell you more
So you know what blessings are in store

I haven't rapped on the street it anybody yet but it will happen eventually. The missionaries in our Zone call Sister Jessee and I the Pontefract rappers. Anyway, on to my week. This week has seemed like a blur. I honestly cannot remember much. I feel like this past transfer has just FLOWN by. I feel like Sister Jessee and I just became companions. This week nothing much has changed. We have only been teaching Val. Our other investigators have either dropped us or we dropped them. But the good news for the week is..... VAL IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! She passed her baptismal interview and this Saturday is her baptism!!! I am so excited. Sister Jessee and I have been inviting the whole ward to her baptism in hopes we will have a good turn out.

So yesterday was transfer call night. Sister Jessee and I knew we were going to be split up. Every time I have gotten along with a companion and the area is progressing, President Pilkington decides to splits us up. The problem was that Sister Jessee and I both wanted to stay to see Val's baptism AND we both loved serving with each other! Well Sister Jessee received a call from President last night that she would be training a new missionary. President also called me. He asked me if I would also train. Yes you read that right. I will be training as well!! The best part is that both Sister Jessee and I will stay in Pontefract. Our flat is going to be a four man flat. Party!! I couldn't sleep at all last night! I believe it is also why I cannot remember ANYTHING from this past week. So I am sorry about that.

The one thing I do remember is my personal study one morning. I have started the Book of Mormon over and I got to Jacob 5. WOW does that chapter apply to missionary work. Towards the end of the chapter the Lord of the vineyard calls for his servant to bring other servants to help in the vineyard. My favorite verse is 71 which reads, 

"And the Lord of the vineyard said unto them: Go to, and labor in the vineyard, with your might. For behold, this is the last time that I shall nourish my vineyard; for the end is nigh at hand, and the season speedily cometh; and if ye labor with your might with me ye shall have joy in the fruit.." 

Missionaries are the servants in the Lord's vineyard. The time we have as missionaries is short BUT the Lord promises if we work with all our might, we will have joy in the fruit. I know that the joy of missionary work is worth it. I have loved every minute of my mission. It is sometimes hard but with the Lord's help is it worth it. Eddie, Charlie, and soon to be Val are TOTALLY worth it!

I love you all very much! Hope you guys have a great week!! Can not wait to tell you guys next week who I will be training! :)

Your friend,

Sister Garrett

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