Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New area...

To my family and friends,
I am no longer in Grimsby. Which is quite sad BUT I am excited to start things off in my new area. Right now I am in Pontefract. Which compared to Grimsby is quite different. Pontefract, like my other areas is small and not very nice. When we got here to Pontefract on Wednesday we started off by seeing the Ward Mission Leader (Brother Carter). He really is so missionary minded and wants to get the area moving with new investigators.

As of right now Sister Jessee and I are the only missionaries in our area. They pulled the Elders out and put Sisters in. Pontefract hasn't had sisters in 5 years! (Very similar to Grimsby) The ward is very small and has a lot of less-active members. Our work here is going to be bringing less-actives back to church, strengthening member relationships, and finding new investigators!! Sister Jessee and I are excited to work! As of right now we have two investigators that we haven't met yet. Their names are Ron and Sullivan. We realize that this ward really needs Sisters and new members to build the ward. I am excited to start working here.

Through our finding efforts this week we have a return appointment with a single father named Joseph. He is very open-minded and is willing to see if there is a God. I am excited for him to learn more.
I have to run but know that I love you all and hope you guys have a great week!!!

With love,
Sister Garrett

P.S. Sister Jessee is from California and has been out on here mission for almost a year now.

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