Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transfer calls....

I don't have much time today. P-days are getting busier and busier! Yesterday was tranfer calls. Sister Smith and I were expecting that either I was going to leave or that we would both stay. President Pilkington is very unpredictable. We found out that Sister Smith will be leaving Keighley and that I would be staying. Sister Smith was actually very upset. I felt very bad. She didn't like saying goodbye to people and I don't blame her. Sister Smith and I have become REALLY good friends and I am actually quite sad we won't be companions anymore! Thankfully we live close together back at home.

Sister Smith will be replaced by Sister Arrive who is from France. She has one more transfer here out in the mission field. She also is the Sister Training Leader which means that I will be going on exchanges with all the sisters in our zone. I am quite nervous to do that but I am also very excited! That is it for now. Talk to you guys next week! Love you all!!

Sister Garrett

Monday, February 9, 2015

2 February - 8 February

Dear Family and Friends,

This week's email will be really short. Nothing much has happened this week. Sister Smith and I have been focusing on finding people who are ready for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We did 13 hours of finding this week but only found 2 potential investigators. Their names are Stephanie and Beth. They are interested in learning more about the church. Beth is 16 and even said that she studied about "the Mormons" in school. She asked for our number so that she could give it
to her professor so we could speak to her class. That was pretty cool!

Other then that our week hasn't been very successful but I still enjoy telling people about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless their lives. Even though they may not agree. I love being here in England! The weather here is fantastic! ;) I hope you all have a fabulous week! 

Until next time,
Sister Garrett

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wait? It's already February?

Dear Family and Friends,

I can hardly believe it is already February! I feel like January FLEW by. I also can not believe I have been here for about four months. I know it isn't that long but it really surprises me that I have been here in England, serving a mission, for that long! From the time I have been here I feel like I haven't made that much progression. As missionaries we are constantly finding for those who are searching for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Finding those people is so very hard! I feel like for all the time we spend knocking, street contacting, and bus contacting we should be teaching a lot more then what we have been. This week I have come to realize that planting seeds really is so important! That every door we knock on, every person we talk to isn't a waste at all. It is planting that seed that one day in the next life they will accept the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just keep being good examples and plant those seeds! :)

This week wasn't bad at all. We have taught more lessons this week then what Sister Smith and I have done in the past. This week we saw David and Pauline again. We read the introduction of the Book of Mormon with them and they said they would read it. Sister Smith and I realized that we will have to take things slow with David and Pauline because they aren't really wanting to be a part of any religion. As we teach them I think they will understand that the Church of Jesus Christ isn't just 'another church'. We also taught Syllene. Her progression has been VERY slow. She hasn't had time (so she says) to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We brought a member with us to the appointment and she and I think she is starting to see the importance of reading to gain a testimony. Hopefully we will see her this week. (Cross your fingers please.)

Sister Smith and I were knocking one day, and this 16 year old girl let us in! Her name is Nikitia. When we met her she was curious in knowing if there was a God. We talked about prayer and how we can find out through prayer to know if there is a God. She seemed very interested in the message we shared. We had an appointment with her yesterday (Sunday 1 February) but sadly she flogged. This week Sister Smith and I will go over to her house and try to teach her again.

On Friday, a less-active member (Gwyneth) from the ward invited Sister Smith and I to her friend's birthday party. At this birthday party we met a woman named Joey. We talked a lot about what we believe in and she ended up telling Sister Smith and I her life's story. She has had a hard life. She cried on our shoulders as she was under a lot of stress. The next day Gwyneth gave us a call and ask if we could head over to her place because Joey needed someone to talk to. We talked to Joey for a long time until Gwyneth suggested in getting a priesthood blessing. We called the Elders and they gave her a blessing. The spirit was so strong and Joey was comforted after that
. I am excited to see Joey again. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless her life.

Sorry this week was a long letter! Sister Smith and I had the most successful week yet! Thank you for all your support, emails, and letters. I love you all! 

Until next week,
Sister Garrett