Monday, June 15, 2015

Find, find, find, and repeat

My wonderful family and friends,

I hope you all have had a great week! This week for me has been pretty simple. If I'd sum it up in one word it would be; finding. This week Sister Georgson and I had 29 hours of finding. Our lessons this week fell through. Our investigators Nick and Tatianna haven't gotten a hold of us for a week now. We are quite worried about them! They seemed so prepared.

This week nothing has really happened regards to finding new investigators but this week Sister Georgson and I have really tried to focus on missionary work when we go to members home for tea. We had an experience with a family this week that was really cool.

We went to the Browne home for tea this week and shared a quote about missionary work. We committed them to pray for an opportunity to share the Gospel and that night, as a family, they did. The next day they went to lunch, as a family. They started talking to a woman and they mentioned they were Mormons. She wanted to learn more and got their contact information! They don't live in our boundaries BUT we are focusing on helping the ward become a missionary ward. It was great to be apart of that experience.

I love you all very much and wish you a fantastic week!

Sister Garrett
English word of the week-
English word for stealing.
Ex: Sister Georgson likes to pinch my chocolate. :)

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