Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yo what up! My name is Sister Garrett!!

Whats up family and friends,

This week has been great! Miracles have been coming left and right! I enjoy opening up a new area because these miracles are easier to recognize. The first miracle happened Monday night when we tried by a less-active family. They expressed their desire to come back to church and bring their family closer together. It was a good visit with them and they ended up coming to church yesterday.

Wednesday the mission had Zone Conference. Elder and Sister Moreirra came to speak with us. Elder Moreirra is from the Seventy. He was a very great speaker. He was really funny as well! From Zone Conference I set several goals for myself. 
#1 to become exactly obedient. It is easy to obey the big rules of the mission but it is harder to obey the smaller ones. I want to become EXACTLY obedient.
#2 to have a good attitude. In any circumstance I want to develop the habit of having a good attitude towards anything.
#3 recognize and express my gratitude. From this goal I have a planner that I am writing now a miracle that I've had that day. It has helped me stay positive.

After Zone Conference Sister Jessee and I decided to stop by a referral a member gave us. This referral has recently gone through a divorce and just need some encouragement. We taught her a short and simple yet powerful message about the Restoration. She loved it! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. We set a baptismal date with her as a goal and she is happy to work for the date. What I didn't mention is that we taught all of this on her doorstep, while it was raining, and I didn't have my coat on, yet I loved it!!

Thursday, we had a lesson with Ron. He had questions about the Fall and the nature of God. He doesn't believe that God would have planned the Fall and that God has a physical body. We planned really well for the lesson with several scriptures and quotes. We taught him the beginning part of the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so strong! We left the lesson with him rethinking the Fall and the nature of God. We used a quote that I just love! "Just as we do not really desire food until we are hungry, we will not fully desire eternal salvation until we recognize our need for the Savior. This recognition comes as we grow in our understanding of the Fall." 

Friday we went to a tea appointment and got there early, 30 minutes to be exact. We decided to do some knocking before the appointment. 15 minutes into knocking we knocked on this woman's door and she invited us in! We only had 10 minutes to teach her so we taught her about the Restoration. I stated Joseph Smith experience as he had the vision and she said "I feel cold and I have goosebumps." She felt the spirit and we will be teaching her tomorrow and schedule her for baptism. Another miracle is that we made it to our tea appointment on time! 

It has been a great week! Sister Jessee and I have tried to make finding more fun. I have 8 lines down from my rap and so Sister Jessee and I will rap together for people on the street! I am excited!! Thank you guys for all that you do! I hope this week is memorable! 

Lots of Love,
Sister Garrett

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