Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Loving Missionary Work.

This week I have learned a lot. Sister Hart and I have found it difficult to enjoy finding. It seems like we are constantly finding. So it was hard to find the motivation to find. Sister Hart and I talked and realize we need to approach finding in a different light. We realized that finding isn't just to find investigators but to help God's children on an individual level. When we changed our view of the purpose of finding our attitudes changed. So our plan is to make finding more fun. That is what we feel that was lacking. We are going to try to involve the IPads more and use our resources. I am excited once again to go finding!

This week Sister Hart and I found two new investigators. So Chantelle is a 19 year old we have met twice. The first time we met her we asked if we could come by and she said she was busy. The next time we met her was at the bus stop. Turned out we were going on the same bus as her. I asked her how her day was and you could tell it wasn't good. She told us that she just found out her mom has terminal cancer and is expected to only have a few years to live. Sister Hart and I did our best to comfort her. We explained that in order to truly help her we had to teach her about the Gospel. She accepted a day for us to come by and teach her. Chantelle lives with her boyfriend, Michael, So we ended up teaching the both of them. We planned on teaching the Plan of Salvation but the Spirit told us otherwise. We showed the Because of Him video and testified of Jesus Christ's Atonement. The spirit was so strong in the lesson! We scheduled Chantelle and Michael for the 21 of November. They are great!

So the bad news of the week is that we are no longer teaching Keith or Bata. Here are their stories. We had a lesson with Keith this week. We planned on scheduling him. We asked him if he read Ether 12, and he said no. He told us of how he just couldn't believe in a God. The spirit told me that we had to let Keith go. I thought to myself. "Why would God want us to let Keith go after 3 lessons?" From what I know about Keith is that he can feel the spirit easily so when he comes to have a desire to know God is there, he will receive his answer. It was hard to walk away from Keith's house that night but I know Keith would recognize the feeling of the spirit in his life missing.

Bata was similar. We knocked on her door and instantly I knew we would not see her again. Bata did not have desire to change her beliefs. Even though it was sad to not being able to teach Keith and Bata I am glad we left it at a good note. Sister Hart and I are still searching for that prepared soul. We will find them! Hope you all have a great week! 


Sister Garrett

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