Wednesday, August 5, 2015

this week is full of big news...

To my amazing family and friends,

Transfer calls were last night. And since I love anticipation... you will have to wait for the results till after I explain about my week... :)

This past week we had MANY miracles again!! They all happened on Thursday! We met with most of our investigators on that day for some reasons. First we met with was Rebecca. We watched the Restoration video with her and bore our testimonies of the Restoration. I know she felt the spirit. She loved watching the video as well! Afterward we scheduled her for the 29 of August. I feel that she is ready! As she comes to church, reads and prays she will feel the Holy Ghost testify to her of the truth. 

After Rebecca we ran over to Georgina's house. We also wanted to watch the video with her because she seems like a visual person. I think it helped her as well understand the message of the Restoration. She unfortunately is going away on holiday for two weeks but having faith we scheduled her as well. But for the 19th of September. She seemed a bit more hesitant then Rebecca, but I know at some point she will accept the Gospel. :)

Later that day we saw Gemma. Martin wasn't available but we saw her with a member. Wow. The spirit was strong. Sister Silvennoinen and I went in with the intention of following the spirit. With ONE question we asked her, Gemma brought up that she thought setting a date would be good. I asked her what date she thought and she said the 28 of August. Since I knew Satan would tempt her with a date so far away I asked if she would be ready to be baptized on the 15th of August. She said if she receives her answer, yes she would. You can never go wrong by following the spirit and these past two weeks is evidence of that. It's nothing that I have done. It was all Heavenly Father! He knows what is best for his children and missionaries are his instruments. I know that is true!

Yesterday, President Pilkington decided that he wanted to meet Gemma and Martin. I can now say that I have been in a lesson with President Pilkington! Which is rare because of how busy he is, but I think the visit helped Martin and Gemma want to progress.

So for the results of the transfer call... I am leaving the Great Grimsby. Which I am sad about. I hate saying goodbye to people! But I know I am going where Heavenly Father needs me. I will be heading up by York with a Sister named Sister Jesse. I have heard GREAT things about her so I am excited for this transfer. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!!

Much love,
Sister Garrett

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