Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finding like champs

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been very basic. It has been mainly made up of finding. Sister Hart and I did 25 hours of finding this week. We worked really hard but basically right now we are just building up our teaching pool. We had appointments this week but people didn't show up. (That is my mission life right there!) BUT we found more then 10 potentials this past week and have several lessons lined up for this
week so it looks like it will be good! :) We have an appointment with two girls at the church tonight. We have two appointments on Thursday. One with Paul and Bata again. We got in contact with them again and the other lesson with a Romanian family we found while knocking. On Friday we have an appointment with a man named Ryan.

Monday evening Sister Hart and I went to a member's house for Family Home Evening. We have started something new in the ward. Every week the sisters and I select a family to go see and visit them and share a FHE lesson about missionary work. At the end we invite them to pray for missionary opportunities and then have them write down an experience they had within that week in a notebook. Then on Sunday morning they will go up and read their missionary experience to the ward. This notebook is going to be passed within the ward to help the ward become more missionary minded. I am really excited for it to start going! The first family we went to enjoyed our lesson.

This past week though we had the opportunity to teach a less-active named Rosemary. She hasn't been to church for a few years now. She has a problem with smoking and admitted it to us. While we were in the lesson Sister Hart and I scheduled her! Ok not for baptism but to quit smoking. This week we are going to bring a calendar and set daily goals for her to stop smoking by a certain date. The spirit was so strong in the lesson! Sister Hart and I just walked from the lesson smiling.

Finding, practice teaching members, teaching less-actives, and being flogged sums up the week. I wish I had something more exciting to tell you all but sadly I don't. Next week's email will be better! :) Sister Hart and I are going to work harder! Hope you all are doing well and everything is going well! Enjoy your week and make the most of every moment! Love you all!!

Sister Garrett
Sister Woods from Ogden, Utah

Monday, September 21, 2015

Val dressed in white. The highlight of my week.

Family and Friends,

As you can tell from my subject.... Val was BAPTIZED!!!!! I will never get tired of seeing one of my investigators in white. Never. Saturday night was wonderful. Val has made my week. I will talk about her more later. I will start off the week from Wednesday. 

Transfer Meeting was Wednesday. I could not sleep the night before and leading up to the meeting I was just shaking. Seven sisters came in and knowing I could be training any one of them just scared me. My new companion is Sister Hart. (Pronounced like Heart. In case you wanted to know.) She is from Pocatello Idaho. She is 19 years old. She learns so fast, I feel like I don't have to do much training. She is very outgoing and personable with everyone we meet on the street. She is good at street contacting. She feels uncomfortable about knocking but honestly who wouldn't? Within these last few days I have realized how much I have grown within (almost a year) of being out in the field. I was like Sister Hart. Didn't particularly like knocking but now, I love it! I cannot imagine not knocking for the rest of my life! 

Currently we have no one to really teach. Sister Jessee and I had to split the area. We put all of our investigators, potentials, and less-actives into two areas then we each got one. So the investigators that Sister Hart and I got are Paul and Bata as well as Michael. All three of them are not getting back to us. Sister Hart and I talked yesterday and we've came to the conclusion that this week we are going to work hard to find new investigators. We are going to use new/creative approaches, find in different areas, and really try to talk to EVERYONE we see. I have great hopes for this next week! 

The morning of Val's baptism our bishop called and told us the musical number was canceled due to illness. So during lunch Sister Hart and I practiced Lead, Kindly Light to sing at the baptism. It went really well! While singing, I could just feel how much love God had for Val and for each and everyone of us. The spirit was so strong at the baptism! I would be lying if I said that Val wasn't scared to be baptized. I learned so much from her because she allowed faith to overrule her doubts and she followed Christ's example. She has made a big impact on me as I have been able to teach her. I love her so very much and I am glad she now has the Gospel in her life. I love missionary work! I never imagined how amazing and fun missionary work would be. I cannot believe I have been out for almost a year. I love it here, to much to leave. Well enough about the time I have left, I hope you all have a great week. Peace out homies! 

Love your friend in England,

Sister Garrett (Swaggy G)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I hope you enjoyed my raptism now it's time to plan Val's baptism

My family and friends,
I finished my rap!! I am not sure if I can send a video in an email so I will send you the words here.

Yo, what up, my name is Sister Garrett
I come from this church here you can't compare it (point at badge)
We're the kind of girls that don't shove it in your face
We invite ALL to learn more, take it at your own pace

My home I left in the Rocky Mountains
To serve Jesus Christ who is my captain
I flew over here just to mention
About His church and the Restoration

It all began with the prophets of old
Who brought God's children into one big fold
Prophets like Moses, Noah, and Abraham
God gave em authority to benefit man

Jesus, himself, came to this earth
To help us out and establish his church
He called twelve homies to help him preach
No matter how hard they tried to reach

Not every man believed in Christ
That he would come and suffer the price
Mistakes and pains he felt it all
So he could pick us up after we fall

Jesus Christ journey came to a close
You thought it was finished or so you supposed
We'd like to tell you that it wasn't over
The story is simple now let us uncover

Just like in those times of old
God called another prophet we know its bold
Our Heavenly Father and His Son
Appeared to this boy the only one

Joseph Smith is the name of that lad
He translated this book we know it's rad (hold up Book of Mormon)
Inspired by God's mighty hand
Recorded in an ancient land

To feel the power of this book
You gotta pick it up and have a look
The source of truth is from the man upstairs
We're here to tell ya that he'll answer your prayers

You'll feel it by that Holy Spirit
Through your heart and your mind you'll truly feel it
We invite you to read it right through
And ask God if the book is true

When you come to know the message is right
Don't put up a fight, just be baptized
Invite us over and we'll tell you more
So you know what blessings are in store

I haven't rapped on the street it anybody yet but it will happen eventually. The missionaries in our Zone call Sister Jessee and I the Pontefract rappers. Anyway, on to my week. This week has seemed like a blur. I honestly cannot remember much. I feel like this past transfer has just FLOWN by. I feel like Sister Jessee and I just became companions. This week nothing much has changed. We have only been teaching Val. Our other investigators have either dropped us or we dropped them. But the good news for the week is..... VAL IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! She passed her baptismal interview and this Saturday is her baptism!!! I am so excited. Sister Jessee and I have been inviting the whole ward to her baptism in hopes we will have a good turn out.

So yesterday was transfer call night. Sister Jessee and I knew we were going to be split up. Every time I have gotten along with a companion and the area is progressing, President Pilkington decides to splits us up. The problem was that Sister Jessee and I both wanted to stay to see Val's baptism AND we both loved serving with each other! Well Sister Jessee received a call from President last night that she would be training a new missionary. President also called me. He asked me if I would also train. Yes you read that right. I will be training as well!! The best part is that both Sister Jessee and I will stay in Pontefract. Our flat is going to be a four man flat. Party!! I couldn't sleep at all last night! I believe it is also why I cannot remember ANYTHING from this past week. So I am sorry about that.

The one thing I do remember is my personal study one morning. I have started the Book of Mormon over and I got to Jacob 5. WOW does that chapter apply to missionary work. Towards the end of the chapter the Lord of the vineyard calls for his servant to bring other servants to help in the vineyard. My favorite verse is 71 which reads, 

"And the Lord of the vineyard said unto them: Go to, and labor in the vineyard, with your might. For behold, this is the last time that I shall nourish my vineyard; for the end is nigh at hand, and the season speedily cometh; and if ye labor with your might with me ye shall have joy in the fruit.." 

Missionaries are the servants in the Lord's vineyard. The time we have as missionaries is short BUT the Lord promises if we work with all our might, we will have joy in the fruit. I know that the joy of missionary work is worth it. I have loved every minute of my mission. It is sometimes hard but with the Lord's help is it worth it. Eddie, Charlie, and soon to be Val are TOTALLY worth it!

I love you all very much! Hope you guys have a great week!! Can not wait to tell you guys next week who I will be training! :)

Your friend,

Sister Garrett

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another week in Ponty- Val is my pal edition

Dear family and friends,

This past week was good. Compared to the previous week it wasn't filled with as many miracles but nonetheless it was an excellent week! Val is progressing so well! She is getting nervous for her baptismal date but is ready to make the commitment to follow Jesus Christ. She lives right down the street from some members who have been fellow-shipping her. We have been having the lessons at their house because Val's house is under construction. Yesterday we taught her the Word of Wisdom. She doesn't drink Alcohol or smoke. She only drinks coffee but she says that she is going to give it up! She is so prepared!! I love her so much!!

The other solid investigator we have is Ciaran. (pronounced keer-in) He is originally from Manchester and moved to a village called Upton in the Pontefract area around a month ago. Ciaran referred himself to the mission office. They contacted us and we went to see him. He expressed to President Pilkington that he felt he would be more comfortable around Elders so some Elders from a nearby area are teaching Ciaran right now. He is scheduled for the 26 of September and came to church yesterday so he is doing really well.

Sorry this email is a short one but I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Sister Garrett

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The miracles haven't ceased!

My family and friends,

Week after week I have been able to witness miracle after miracle. It has been amazing to be God's hand in so many people's lives!. All I can say is I feel blessed to be a part of the work here in England. I wish I could write you detailed experiences that I have had this week but time will not permit me, so I do apologize.

I will start off with Tuesday. On Tuesday we had an appointment with a man named Michael. He is 20 years old. We meet him on the street on Sunday. He had earphones in and I stopped him to ask what he was listening to. I then asked if he liked rap. He said no but I said he'd be impressed to hear my companion rap. Sister Jessee rapped and Michael loved it! He was so impressed that he texted us later that day and asked why we have faith. Michael could not understand why 20 year old girls wouldn't be partying and instead "spreading the word." We met with him and he now understands more about our beliefs. Michael is a new investigator. Although he isn't interested particularly in religion he is interested in learning why 20 year old girls believe in God.

Wednesday, we went on an exchange with my Sister Training Leader (Sister Geizer) and her companion (Sister Riberra). We found several potentials that day! They all were so solid too! It was amazing to see how many people are prepared here in Pontefract.

Thursday, (still on the exchange) Sister Riberra and I tried by a potential named Paul that Sister Jessee and I found the third day we arrived to Pontefract. He answered and asked if we wanted to come in. Because we cannot go into the home of a man younger then 55 unless we have a member we scheduled to meet with him the following evening. Sister Geizer and Sister Jessee tried by another potential (Virginia) we met and they were let in!! They taught her about the Restoration. Virginia is heavily involved in her church but was willing to still meet with us. 

Later that day Sister Jessee and I had another lesson with Ron. It went really well! He is busy the next few Sundays but he has promised to come to church on the 20th of September. I believe once he comes to church he will progress even more than he has been. We talked about faith and how God allows us to work by faith. We were in the process of scheduling him but he asked to stop the lesson there. (He likes only to have small amounts of information at a time.)

Friday evening we brought a member to Paul's home. Paul only had thirty minutes so we planned on just teaching simple truths of the Restoration and to schedule him. Paul's sister even sat in on the lesson. I was so excited! The member over took the lesson so we didn't teach much. It was quite frustrating BUT we are still seeing them this week. They are both investigators and I see quite a lot of potential in the both of them.

Saturday we taught Val. (The woman who let us in last week.) She is just soooo great!!! We invited her to baptized on the 19 of September and she agreed to the date. She is scared to be put underwater but she is willing to be baptized! She also came to church on Sunday and LOVED it!!! One of the members invited her to Family Home Evening at there house (the member lives right down the street from Val.) We tagged along to the family home evening and she loved that as well! She already seems like she is a member! In fact, the member told us that she is telling people she is a Mormon! Val was prepared to hear the Gospel.

I feel so blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not only a member but I feel blessed to be a missionary proclaiming God's word. Seeing people change because of the Gospel builds my testimony. I love this Gospel. I hope you all do as well. Love you all! Have a fantastic week! 


Sister Garrett