Sunday, November 15, 2015

Remember Remember the 11th of November

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. The day England remembers those who have fallen during the World Wars. It was a special day because we had Zone Conference yesterday. President Pilkington gave everyone permission to write their parents and tell them what we learned at Zone Conference. So here I am writing the both of you. Please share this with Maranda and Rose. You are also more then welcomed to put it on my blog. So here are my thoughts:

Zone Conference yesterday, was inspiring in so many ways. I truly received direct revelation specifically for my needs. I was brought to remembrance of what a mission is truly about; helping others. As missionaries we dedicate our time, talents, health, knowledge, and skills to helping God build His kingdom. The more Christlike love a missionary has for God's children the more they are willing to give. Christlike love is about giving and not accepting anything in return. The help we can provide is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the job of a missionary to talk to everyone. President Pilkington shared a little saying with us. It says, "Let me help you. So that you can help me. So that we can help them. So that they can help us."

We are all God's children. Each of us are brothers and sisters. We are to look out for each other. One thing I have noticed throughout my mission is that the more we strengthen others the more we are lifted. I really have a strong testimony of that. I look at those that I have helped come back to Jesus Christ. Yes I have helped them come to the truth of the Gospel but they have helped me strengthen my testimony in Jesus Christ. If I am not willing to help then who will? Each of us is put exactly where we are meant to be. I am meant to be serving here in England specifically to Pontefract. I can help lift and inspire people here, as well as them for me.

I have been reflecting on my work lately. President Pilkington shared a video of an Olympic 400 meter sprinter who was favored to take first place. With 150 meters to go he tore hamstring. Even though he hurt himself he was determined to finish the race. The video of the runner touched my heart. I love making analogizes to running because running fits so well to life. In order to run fast you have to work hard. Your time as a runner is closely related to how hard to work. Of course this Olympic athlete trained like he has never before. At the time he was to prove himself he tore his hamstring. Many people would have thought he lost but this Olympic sprinter proved to me that his hard work has paid off. He may have not gotten first place but he finished the race. He left everything on the track. That video helped me remember to just work hard. To give the Lord everything I can and sacrifice it all. At the end of my mission I want to say that I left everything here in England. That I left my heart in England. All it takes is my best. And I needed that reminder. "...labor with your might..." (D&C 75:3)

With that being said it will be hard. I understand that. I understand it even more within the past couple months. One thing President Pilkington said struck me, "If there was no adversity and no struggles, there would be no miracles." Throughout my mission I have noticed that the times we find the individual who is prepared, is when we were working hard. If we were finding investigator after investigator we wouldn't need to give any effort. We are literally finding a needle in a hay stack, like you said. I am prepared to find the needle.

I feel so blessed to be serving here in England. To be on ground of those who fought for freedom. I was reflecting on Zone Conference this morning and a poem Sister Pilkington shared, about the reason why English people wear poppies. I would try looking it up on Google. It was really good. I believe it is called "Why we wear poppies." Something along those lines. It inspired me to create a poem myself of why I love wearing my poppy. Here it is:

Why I wear a Poppy
I think of the men and women years ago
who died in war for England's soul.

I can hardly bare the dreadful thought
that many were taken because they boldly fought.

Because of the soldiers who freely gave
I have the privilege now to help save.

The freedom I have to declare God's word
even though I may not be heard.

They help me know I can do my part
because they died and gave it all their heart.

For this is my reason for wearing a red poppy
and my tag underneath it, so proudly.

I am proud to be a missionary to boldly declare the wonderful message of this Gospel. I truly cherish this calling and responsibility to be here in England. When I am old I will gladly tell my grandchildren that on the 11th of November 2014 and 2015 I was in England on Remembrance Day. That I walked the streets of England and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the sound of a trump. (D&C 24:12) 

With much love,
Sister Garrett

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