Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finding like champs

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been very basic. It has been mainly made up of finding. Sister Hart and I did 25 hours of finding this week. We worked really hard but basically right now we are just building up our teaching pool. We had appointments this week but people didn't show up. (That is my mission life right there!) BUT we found more then 10 potentials this past week and have several lessons lined up for this
week so it looks like it will be good! :) We have an appointment with two girls at the church tonight. We have two appointments on Thursday. One with Paul and Bata again. We got in contact with them again and the other lesson with a Romanian family we found while knocking. On Friday we have an appointment with a man named Ryan.

Monday evening Sister Hart and I went to a member's house for Family Home Evening. We have started something new in the ward. Every week the sisters and I select a family to go see and visit them and share a FHE lesson about missionary work. At the end we invite them to pray for missionary opportunities and then have them write down an experience they had within that week in a notebook. Then on Sunday morning they will go up and read their missionary experience to the ward. This notebook is going to be passed within the ward to help the ward become more missionary minded. I am really excited for it to start going! The first family we went to enjoyed our lesson.

This past week though we had the opportunity to teach a less-active named Rosemary. She hasn't been to church for a few years now. She has a problem with smoking and admitted it to us. While we were in the lesson Sister Hart and I scheduled her! Ok not for baptism but to quit smoking. This week we are going to bring a calendar and set daily goals for her to stop smoking by a certain date. The spirit was so strong in the lesson! Sister Hart and I just walked from the lesson smiling.

Finding, practice teaching members, teaching less-actives, and being flogged sums up the week. I wish I had something more exciting to tell you all but sadly I don't. Next week's email will be better! :) Sister Hart and I are going to work harder! Hope you all are doing well and everything is going well! Enjoy your week and make the most of every moment! Love you all!!

Sister Garrett
Sister Woods from Ogden, Utah

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