Monday, September 21, 2015

Val dressed in white. The highlight of my week.

Family and Friends,

As you can tell from my subject.... Val was BAPTIZED!!!!! I will never get tired of seeing one of my investigators in white. Never. Saturday night was wonderful. Val has made my week. I will talk about her more later. I will start off the week from Wednesday. 

Transfer Meeting was Wednesday. I could not sleep the night before and leading up to the meeting I was just shaking. Seven sisters came in and knowing I could be training any one of them just scared me. My new companion is Sister Hart. (Pronounced like Heart. In case you wanted to know.) She is from Pocatello Idaho. She is 19 years old. She learns so fast, I feel like I don't have to do much training. She is very outgoing and personable with everyone we meet on the street. She is good at street contacting. She feels uncomfortable about knocking but honestly who wouldn't? Within these last few days I have realized how much I have grown within (almost a year) of being out in the field. I was like Sister Hart. Didn't particularly like knocking but now, I love it! I cannot imagine not knocking for the rest of my life! 

Currently we have no one to really teach. Sister Jessee and I had to split the area. We put all of our investigators, potentials, and less-actives into two areas then we each got one. So the investigators that Sister Hart and I got are Paul and Bata as well as Michael. All three of them are not getting back to us. Sister Hart and I talked yesterday and we've came to the conclusion that this week we are going to work hard to find new investigators. We are going to use new/creative approaches, find in different areas, and really try to talk to EVERYONE we see. I have great hopes for this next week! 

The morning of Val's baptism our bishop called and told us the musical number was canceled due to illness. So during lunch Sister Hart and I practiced Lead, Kindly Light to sing at the baptism. It went really well! While singing, I could just feel how much love God had for Val and for each and everyone of us. The spirit was so strong at the baptism! I would be lying if I said that Val wasn't scared to be baptized. I learned so much from her because she allowed faith to overrule her doubts and she followed Christ's example. She has made a big impact on me as I have been able to teach her. I love her so very much and I am glad she now has the Gospel in her life. I love missionary work! I never imagined how amazing and fun missionary work would be. I cannot believe I have been out for almost a year. I love it here, to much to leave. Well enough about the time I have left, I hope you all have a great week. Peace out homies! 

Love your friend in England,

Sister Garrett (Swaggy G)

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