Monday, October 5, 2015

The Church is so true.

Dear Family and Friends,

I do not have much time to email. Right now we are in York and I have only 40 minutes to email. So this will be short but at some point I will explain more about this week and General Conference but here is just a summary of my week:

This week was great! I have learned so much from Sister Hart as well as from General Conference. I really enjoy training because it brings me back to the basics. (I really needed to be reminded.) Sister Hart is a brilliant finder. She is so bold and brave! She is very obedient and willing to work. I feel very blessed to be able to train her. This week we did a lot of finding again. But we did have some lessons as well. 

The first lesson we taught was to a woman named Bata. We have taught her three times in the past. She seems very curious to learn more about our church but I believe that is the extent. We have briefly went over the Restoration in the past but at our lesson we wanted to go over it in more detail. Well I guess that wasn't what we were suppose to teach. The spirit directed to talk more about the Book of Mormon and how to find truth. We tried to schedule her but she said she was already baptized. Next week we will teach about the priesthood along with the Restoration. I am not sure how interested she is to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized but we will ask her next week.

The other lesson we taught was to a woman named Carmin. She is from Romania. She speaks very little English. She knows very selected words but Sister Hart and I were able to communicate with her. It actually was very impressive to be honest. I don't speak Romanian (if you weren't aware) but she understood everything we taught. We invited her to be baptized which put her off a bit. Next week we will teach her the Restoration so that will help with
the questions she has. She seems very golden and prepared. I am excited to continue to teach her

General Conference was amazing! I really felt God's love for us while watching the sessions. It makes complete sense that God would call a prophet to the earth along with Twelve Apostles. The Gospel is so simple and sweet. Jesus Christ loves us and he reaches to us through the Holy Ghost and his servants, the prophets and apostles. I love this Gospel and I am glad I have the chance to declare his word.

Until next week,

Sister Garrett

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