Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Charlie in white! :)

My family and friends,

Last Fast Sunday, (3 of May) we walked in pouring rain to get to Charlie's house so we could walk her to church. Because of the weather I was afraid that she would ignore us and not come to church. Little faith I had. She was there waiting with her two kids in the poring rain. She loved church and the testimonies that everyone bore. 

Friday, 30 of May, Charlie Fox followed Jesus Christ's example and was baptized. It probably was one of the happiest moment for me to witness. To have found Charlie and helped her in the journey towards eternal life. She loves the Gospel and Jesus Christ. Sister Georgson and I stood at the side of the font when Charlie was baptized. Sister Georgson and I were smiling so big! As well as Charlie when she came up out of the water. As she walked up the steps I asked her how she was feeling. She started to cry and said, "Amazing." At that moment I really realized why the Lord sends missionaries out in the world. To find people like Charlie who want to get back home to their Father. At her baptismal service, Charlie bore her sweet testimony about Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith. She said when we taught her about the Restoration she couldn't deny that is wasn't true.

Yesterday, on Fast Sunday (31 of May) outside it was pouring rain. Just like a month before and this time, Charlie was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She bore her testimony to the ward of how the Church of Jesus Christ is in fact true. Charlie is amazing example to me of faith and strength. I will always cherish the moment I met her and saw her be baptized! :)

After church on Sunday we went to

visit a potential investigator. Her name is Tatianna and she is from Latvia. She has been in England for 2 years but has amazing English. She has two twin girls who are 5 years old. We taught Tatianna the first lesson and scheduled her for baptism for the 4th of July. America is so excited for her to get baptized, they will celebrate with fireworks!! ;)

This week we also saw Nick. He has been reading the Book of Mormon. He finds it difficult but he said he will continue to read it. He truly wants to know if he will be able to see his father and brother again. This week we will be giving him a church tour and we plan on scheduling him then.

This week was amazing! I truly love being a missionary!! I love you all very much! Make the most of every moment you have! :)

With lots of love,

Sister Garrett

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