Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear family and friends....

Guess what??? I am 20 years old now!! Woo hoo! (jumping for joy)

 At the beginnning of the year it felt like my birthday was ages away. I cannot believe it has past. Time on the mission has just flown by!! I have only 9 months left. So sad!

I feel bad every week because my letters are always so short. Nothing really changes every week. Honestly it really is only finding. Every Monday night we have been going to Charlie's house to have Family Home Evening. It has been so cute to see her teach her children the Gospel. I have been becoming closer to the Grimsby ward. I feel like they are my family from home. The members gave me a cake on my birthday and they are all so thoughtful! I will make next weeks email more exciting!!! :)  I love you all sooo much!

Sister Garrett

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