Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another week in Ponty- Val is my pal edition

Dear family and friends,

This past week was good. Compared to the previous week it wasn't filled with as many miracles but nonetheless it was an excellent week! Val is progressing so well! She is getting nervous for her baptismal date but is ready to make the commitment to follow Jesus Christ. She lives right down the street from some members who have been fellow-shipping her. We have been having the lessons at their house because Val's house is under construction. Yesterday we taught her the Word of Wisdom. She doesn't drink Alcohol or smoke. She only drinks coffee but she says that she is going to give it up! She is so prepared!! I love her so much!!

The other solid investigator we have is Ciaran. (pronounced keer-in) He is originally from Manchester and moved to a village called Upton in the Pontefract area around a month ago. Ciaran referred himself to the mission office. They contacted us and we went to see him. He expressed to President Pilkington that he felt he would be more comfortable around Elders so some Elders from a nearby area are teaching Ciaran right now. He is scheduled for the 26 of September and came to church yesterday so he is doing really well.

Sorry this email is a short one but I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Sister Garrett

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