Monday, December 15, 2014


Merry Christmas family and friends,

I really can not believe next week is Christmas! It really went by so fast! Days in the field are just a blur so I really apologize for my emails because they really don't have much information in them. A normal day for Sister Smith and I is knocking, street contacting, lessons, and visiting members and less-actives. We visited Syllene this week and she hasn't been keeping her commitments to come to church and read her scriptures. In her situation I really dislike agency. She said she would come to church but didn't. She said she would read her scriptures but said she was to busy. When we met with her on Thursday, Sister Smith and I stressed the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. I even made her a scripture reading calendar. I had a chapter assigned for everyday so she could document her reading. She promised to read everyday this week. I really hope she does!

On Friday Sister Smith and I visited a woman named Amy. She has two little girls who are adorable! Because of situations that happened in her life she is really so prepared to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The saying "God prepares souls to hear the message of the Gospel" (or however it goes) is really soooooooo true! Amy is ready to accept our message and it is wonderful! Yesterday, we visited a member in the ward and he showed us a video called An Ensign to the Nations. (If you have the chance to watch it, do it!) I really am so blessed to be a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so glad to be apart of the work that is coming forth. I found a scripture this week that is really so wonderful. "And moreover, I say unto you, that the time shall come when the knowledge of a Savior shall spread throughout every nation, kindred, tongue, and people." (Mosiah 3:20) I am grateful for the privilege to bring the message of the restored gospel to the people of Leeds England!

Love you all so much!!!

Sister Garrett

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