Monday, February 22, 2016

God pulls pranks when you go knocking

Good morning family and friends! I hope yous all (that is Jordy) had a great week. This week has been wonderful compared to the past few weeks. My companion, Sister Weakley, has been gaining some of her strength back. Sister Weakley has been told by doctors to start exercising so her body can get use to the work, because of that her blood has been going high and low randomly so we have stayed in the flat for that. This week we have been able to get out a lot more. In fact we went knocking for a bit last week (the first time since Sister Weakley has been out of hospital). Anyway it was quite funny. The layout of English houses is quite strange. The doors we were knocking are literally right next to each other. We knocked one house once. No answer. Knocked again. No answer again. No body home so we knock on the door right next to the other door. Then I said to Sister Weakley, "I always feel uncomfortable knocking these houses because I am afraid both people will come at the same. That would be so awkward." Guess what? That happened. How embarrassing!!! Sister Weakley and I handled the situation very well. I talked to one and she talked to the other. Thought you all would enjoy that story.

This week we have had a few little miracles. Lately Sister Weakley hasn't been healthy enough to go out and do proper finding so we have been trying by some less-actives. The two less-actives we tried by Saturday night we got TWO potentials. One was a daughter of a less-active and the other was the partner of the less-active. We are going to start working with those less-actives and their partners. This week has more miracles in store. 

My inspiring thought this week is a quote from Jeffrey R. Holland; "This church, the great institutional body of Christ, is a marvelous work and a wonder not only because of what it does for the faithful but also because of what the faithful do for it. Your lives are at the very heart of the marvel. You are the evidence of the wonder of it all." Do not need to add anything because he speaks for himself. Hope you all are doing well. Put your heart into all you do. Love you!!

with love,
Sister Garrett

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