Monday, February 22, 2016

Good morning family and friends,

The sun is up here in England so I think it will be a great day. I am so excited for spring weather!! I am kind of sick of winter so I hope England gets warm soon. I also hope the weather back at home is treating you all well. My week has been pretty good I think. Sister Weakley and I got out less then last week but I think we used our time more effectively. The past week weeks our finding has not been as successful due to our circumstances but this week was a lot better. Compared to my last week's story of knocking this week knocking went a lot better. 

Sister Weakley and I were heading to a tea appointment and decided to go by some less-actives in the area. The first person we decided to see was a woman named Lisa. We knocked on the door and a man answered the door. We asked if Lisa was home and he replied that she moved out and there have been living there for 4 months. Well we took our opportunity and transitioned to the gospel. He mentioned that he would like his daughter to have christian values and we replied we could help him. We talked to him for a good 10-15 minutes and we will be seeing him and his family this Thursday. I am pretty stoked! I actually haven't taught a lesson in ages. We keep getting flogged but I feel differently about Paul. 

Since Sister Weakley's health, we have been working with members and less-actives. Which seems to bare a lot of fruits lately. We have been building the trust of the members and they have been more excited to share the Gospel. On Saturday we received a referral from a member of a woman he came in contact with while doing his home teaching. There is no better way to do missionary work then as a member. So grateful to be a member of this amazing church. It has truly blessed my life. Thank you all for your amazing emails. Love you all!

Sister Garrett

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