Monday, March 14, 2016

Newcastle with Chinese and Georgies!

Hello family and friends,

Just so you know, this email is going to be short and sweet. Newcastle is great! I am loving it!! It is massive though. I get lost sooo easily. Our area has a university and their are quite a lot of students. There are a lot of nationalities. Mainly Chinese. The Chinese sisters gave me a Chinese name, which is Sister Jia. They also helped me construct this in Chinese. 我是加姐妹 我是耶稣基督后期圣徒教会的传教士 (My name is Sister Jia. I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) The accent here in Newcastle is quite unique. It is a mix of Scottish and English. I will get some sayings for you all next week.

We are working with two investigators right now who are working towards a baptismal date. Dean is scheduled to be baptised on the 26 of March and Rob is going to be baptised on the 2 or 9th of April. It is quite exciting! We have found some potentials this past week that we hope can become investigators.

To please, my parents here is a little bit about Sister Cockburn:
Age: 20
Hometown: New Zealand.
Also, lived in: Australia
Nationality: kiwi, Scottish, Samoan
Hobbies: too many. Sport, art, playing instruments (jamming), dancing, photography, camping. "Anything and everything. Oh wait, swimming."
Interests: music, India, beach, different cultures, (direct quote) "I'll stop it there before I get carried away... FASHION! and teeth."

Live anywhere: Hawaii
Dream Holiday: Japan
Future job: "Deciding. Dentistry."
dream job: fashion designer or singer
5 words that describe you: weird, non-judgmental, creative, caring, and zealous.
Worst fear: sharks

Favorite Color: Royal Purple
Favorite Animal: elephant!
Favorite Temple: Hawaii
Favorite Season: summer
Favorite Car: Range Rover 2014
Favorite Singer: Alisha Keys
Favorite Book of Mormon Prophet: Ammon
Favorite Disney Movie: Tangled

Favorite Food:
breakfast: crepes; cream, strawberry & chocolate
Lunch: Greek salad
Dinner: lazona w/ garlic bread
Dessert: Banoffee pie
Vegetable: potato
Fruit: watermelon

Hope you all have an exciting week! Next week I will try to write more. Emailing time feels like it is cutting down.

With much love,

Sister Garrett

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