Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another week of finding...

My family and friends,

It was another week of finding. We hit 30 hours again! Woo Hoo! We always find potentials but they aren't very solid. They give us their numbers and addresses but they always say they are busy or never answer the door. It is quite frustrating. We have been finding close to our house which hasn't had much success. So, Sister Georgson and I have decided that we are going to reach farther out of our area. This week we will try it out and tell you all how it goes! :)

So Tuesday, Sister Georgson and I had to say goodbye to Sister Holland. It was very sad. When I first heard I was going to be in a trio I was quite nervous, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! We always had something to talk about and someone was always laughing. It is strange seeing an empty bed and desk. When she left it was quite quiet. Sister Georgson got along really well with Sister Holland. She seems a bit more quiet now but her and I still get a long wonderfully! :)

Charlie is still doing wonderful! :) She is so excited for her baptism. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. She took both very well. She finds it hard to give up coffee but her motivation is getting to her baptismal date. Her step mother offered her Alcohol and she turned it down. She is very strong! She also came to church on Sunday and loved it again! She told us that she repented and felt AMAZING after! Charlie has been praying with us and Bella (her almost 4 year old daughter) has also started to pray. Charlie is really doing so amazing! I love seeing her grow and gaining a testimony of the Gospel.

This transfer I have decided to memorize some scriptures from the Book of Mormon. One including Alma 5:45-46. I love this scripture because of the spirit it brings. Alma speaks with such power and authority. The way he knows is through the power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is key to conversion. In missionary work without the Holy Ghost we would have no direction. I know that the message of the Restoration is true because every time I recite
the first vision I feel the spirit SO strongly. Jesus Christ's Gospel has been restored to the earth by Joseph Smith and I testify this is true! I know we have a living day prophet here on the earth. What a great message it is that I have a privilege of sharing!!! Have a great week everyone! Love you all!!!

Sister Garrett


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