Monday, January 26, 2015

19th & 25th of January

Family and Friends,
This week has been pretty rewarding. There have been a few blessings. On Tuesday, we finally met with Syllene after weeks of her flogging us. She has depression (which is very common here in England) and she hasn't been wanting to see us. She said after our visit though she was glad she saw us. We hope we can help her to progress and make it to baptism. I love Syllene a lot and wish she could see how the Gospel would bless her and her daughter's lives.
Wednesday was absolutely amazing! We had Zone Training and I received a lot of personal revelation. For me personally and for the people I have been serving. The spirit was so strong and I learned how I really should be setting goals more frequently to become a better missionary. I noticed I need to grow and reach out of my comfort zone. After Zone Training we went to David and Pauline's home. I believe I have talked about them before. (They are potential investigators.) It has been really hard to share a lesson with them. They are older and they talk a lot. They also are not very religious. This particular night we actually shared more about what we believe and they accepted to read the Book of Mormon. Next visit we asked if we could share a lesson. I sure hope everything goes as planned.
Friday night we visited a less-active whos daughter isn't a memeber. We have been trying to help Cat (the less-active) so we could help her daughter. Cat has been smoking since she was 9. A few weeks ago she had NO desire to give up smoking. Last week we visited her and we followed the spirit as we tried to help her. She talked about how it was her dream to go to Africa on her 40th birthday (3 years from now). Cat smokes one pack of cigarrettes a day. Which is £6 pounds a day. £50ish pounds a week. £2000 something pounds a year. We said if she put the money she spends on smoking aside for Africa she could get to Africa in three years. We said we'd bring a jar so she can put her money in it. On Friday she put her £50 pounds for the week and has cut back on smoking.
Saturday was a bad night. We went to a member's home for tea. She started having chest pains, throwing up, and starting getting really red. Sister Smith and I decided to call for a ride to get to the hospital. She is fine now. The hospital gave her some medicine but it scared Sister Smith and I.

I love you all so much! Hope you guys have a good week!

Sister Ga

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