Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hi-Ya from the UK

Hello family and friends!

I can't believe I have been out in the field for a month now. It really isn't that long but I do feel like I have been here forever (which isn't a bad thing.) This week has been wonderful though. Something crazy happened on Tuesday! We had an appointment with Gemma. She is the woman that let Sister Lybbert and I in when we knocked on her door. Well she flogged us. It was very sad! I really thought she was interested. So until the bus came Sister Lybbert and I knocked on some doors with no success. We started heading to our bus when I felt like we should go back to Gemma's door. So Sister Lybbert and I went back and she answered! It turns out that her mother was in the hospital ill and she was looking after her. She didn't have her phone on her or else she would have called us. She had to go to work but we made another appointment with her for the following Sunday. (She ended up flogging us Sunday) BUT I followed the spirit. That is what I am happy about! Hopefully we can see Gemma this week.

Wednesday, we had tea with two potential investigators, Pauline and David. We have been helping Pauline with her family history work and her husband, David, invited us for tea. We will be going to their house again tomorrow night for family history work and tea. They don't really want anything to do with religion but I think they will open their hearts the more we visit them. On Thursday, Sister Lybbert and I met with Syllene. We talked about the beginning of the Plan of Salvation and went into the Word of Wisdom. At this point in her life, Syllene says that she doesn't want to quit smoking and drinking coffee but I know she will as she comes to find out that the church is true. Here on the mission I realize that I love everyone! I love the members, all the less-actives, and all the investigators I teach. I love visiting with them and talking to them. I don't feel like I am a missionary sometimes. I mostly feel like a friend who cares for their well-being. I know Heavenly Father loves every single one of us! And I have noticed that more while on my mission. Even though it has been a month, I know this has been the best decision I have made! Love you all so very much!

Gotta run, Sister Garrett

English word of the week:
Swanky: (adjective) Sw-ai-n-kee
1. Which means classy.

Stay swanky my friends! :)

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