Monday, October 27, 2014

First Area. Yay!!!

Cheers family and friends,
These past three days were good. I've learned a ton! I have a new companion and her name is Sister Lybbert. She is from Canada and she is wonderful! She has been an excellent trainer! I am serving in Keighley England. The town is very small. Everything is so small in England. Streets, cars, flats, buildings. It's all so fun though! It still hasn't hit me that I am in England even though I'm walking around a totally different atmosphere.

The past two days has been good. We went to a member's home and had tea. (I didn't have tea. That's what dinner is called.) And then we had pudding. (That's what dessert is called.) On Sunday I met the ward I will be serving in and they are very welcoming! I met one of our investigator's named Eddie. He's only been taught two lessons and he's come to church three times. He already has a testimony of how Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Sister Lybbert thinks he will be baptized and I wouldn't doubt it. He is awesome!!

I also met an investigator named Jess. She has been coming to young women activities and has been really enjoying it. We took her to a youth fireside yesterday and she liked it. Her mom has taken the discussions and believes it to be true but she isn't willing to live the word of wisdom. It's sad. Hopefully Jess will be an example to her.

I have to go so till next week,
Sister Garrett

P.S. I'll send pictures next

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