Monday, March 16, 2015

First time doing exchanges!!!

This week was stressful, I must admit. Last week we couldn't do any exchanges so we had to do TWO 24 hour exchanges this week. Which means we only had a few days in Keighley. So the work in Keighley hasn't progressed at all. We didn't get much finding time and lessons, but at our weekly planning Sister Arrive and I made specific plans for finding this week. How we are going to use our time to the best of our ability. We planned specific areas we wanted to find and specific potentials we wanted to see this week. Our goal was to get the area moving. Right now the investigators we have are not progressing. (pretty much we don't have any investigators.) So our goal is to find new investigators and start scheduling them for baptism. 

Even though we spent a lot of time out of our area I loved going on exchanges! We did exchanges with the Leeds 1.1 Sisters and Leeds 4 Sisters. Those exchanges were wonderful! I learned a lot from each sister individually. I went on exchanges with Sister Nelson, Sister Riberra, Sister Geiser, and Sister Griffin. They are wonderful missionaries that I will strive to become more like. I made a few goals on areas that I think I can improve on. I have looked back on my mission so far and I am amazed at the improvements that I have made but I know I still need to improve in others. I have been out 5 months. Soon I will almost have a year to go! It is going by way to quick!! I am excited to continue to serve the Lord and his children. 

Last week in my personal study I was reading in the Book of Mormon about Abinadi. (Mosiah 12,13,17,18...)  This story stuck out to me because of the effect Abinadi had on a lot of people. Abinadi was before the king and taught the Gospel. Alma was touched by Abinadi's words and was converted and later brought 450 people to God. Abinadi didn't see the results of his efforts. He could have simply got discouraged but he shared the message Heavenly Father wanted him to share and because of him 450 were baptized. This struck me because it helped me realize that even bringing one person to Christ can effect so many others. As well as how planting seeds is so important. I may not see the results of my work but it is all still worth it! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Until next week,
Sister Garrett

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