Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transfer calls....

I don't have much time today. P-days are getting busier and busier! Yesterday was tranfer calls. Sister Smith and I were expecting that either I was going to leave or that we would both stay. President Pilkington is very unpredictable. We found out that Sister Smith will be leaving Keighley and that I would be staying. Sister Smith was actually very upset. I felt very bad. She didn't like saying goodbye to people and I don't blame her. Sister Smith and I have become REALLY good friends and I am actually quite sad we won't be companions anymore! Thankfully we live close together back at home.

Sister Smith will be replaced by Sister Arrive who is from France. She has one more transfer here out in the mission field. She also is the Sister Training Leader which means that I will be going on exchanges with all the sisters in our zone. I am quite nervous to do that but I am also very excited! That is it for now. Talk to you guys next week! Love you all!!

Sister Garrett

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