Thursday, January 28, 2016

What a week....

So sorry family and friends for writing so late. This week has been crazy. Let me explain. Two Saturdays ago (16 Jan.) Sister Weakley was having really bad back pains, so we made an appointment at the A&E. Within just an hour she found out she had a urinary tract infection. The doctor prescribed her some medication and said the pain should be gone within three days. Three days passed and the pain was still there. It did not hurt as bad but I could tell she was still in pain. I told her that she needed to call Sister Pilkington (President's wife) and make another appointment. After some time she finally called Sister Pilkington and we made an appointment to see the doctor within 30 minutes. At 3:40 we were at the hospital and the doctor asked to test her urine. After they tested it they said that she has a lot of sugar in her urine and that she needed to take a blood test.

After the blood test we were told to wait an hour and a half for the results. At 7:30 we were taken into see a doctor and he told her that she has type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is hereditary. The doctor then said to Sister Weakley that she needed to stay overnight for treatment. I freaked out. The night without a companion was long. For the past year I have never been without one. 

To cut the story short, Sister Weakley has been in the hospital and was released yesterday. S
o that is why I am emailing today. The health system here in England is different then it is in America. You are only allowed to visit within certain hours which are 2-4 and 7-8. I went on exchanges with members and with the other sisters in our flat. It was a long interesting week but I am glad to have my companion again and to get back to work. Sorry this is a short email but hope you all have a good week!

With love,

Sister Garrett

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